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Being an all tym foodie I feel diary is the most delicious and healthy recipe to cook up dishes with ingredients allowing to embrace one's imperfections with myriad of hidden thoughts and personal expressions

23 years old, Female, Gurgaon, Haryana

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Feb 11th, 2013 8:39 PM

Hmm..ummmmmm....still loads to learn in Photoshop. Ok, the other important thing. Finally managed to get flat of my choice at the desired location and nominal charges. All set to experiment with cooking. Its gonna be really a new and hopefully awesome experience managing all minute household stuffs ma self apart from the new job environment.But, its gonna be great. Relief for a while until I am done with the shifting thing. This month is really on rails!!!But, deeeeeeep in my mind...I didn't even know the layering stuff of the pics...and.. hmm... um mm....loads to learn in Photoshop. Bbbyez!!

Feb 09th, 2013 2:04 PM

Ahh!!! The time lyk this.Just finished completing twenty five percent of the script writing.I have always been inquisitive about the acting skills, especially the great ones.Like, how one comes up with exactly the same feeling without having any clue of experiencing it at all. Back in school times, I tried a lot to get into one of those archaic Skits. Its not I couldn't make it to the final round of selection, I always did but the rehearsel time was like moronic. Don't know why but every time when I had to say my dialogues, I couldn't stop laughing for no reasons. This was strange because people normally feel scared in those situations. Anyways, I have had been reading books/articles related to the theme of my script writing, have talked to friends who already experienced. My cousin is already in the acting school, looking to exchange views from him as well.Really, lucky to have such great talents around. It just makes you more elated and boosts up your confidence to the eternity. Presently,I feel like inflected with goose bump shots in a row.More busy busy Weekend than weekdays, lined up important things, hobbies to pursue, loved ones to care for,listening more than saying, listings to pamper myself, a hoody-woody shopping, a hell lot of things to explore for. And guess what, I am doing this all alone. But, who cares! Now, metro pacifiers run through my veins all the time:)Ting!!........................................................Finally, I'm in love with the Capital city.But, wish never to get apart from few really good friends that I earned from my first job/PG.Amen!! To end up this note, just feel like saying My Precious(Golum's style):):P..Buhbyeee!!

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