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Feb 07th, 2013 8:39 PM

Chapter 2 - scholarship

Somehow managing to survive in the rat race I got promoted to next class, standard 5. On the very first day we were told that all those who clear this year will be given an option between Economics and Computers, for standard 6th. I still wonder economics for me that was getting some cash from my dad's pocket and buying myself chocolates. Calculator at my home was the best computer I could imagine at that age.

Anyways, with zeal to study this year and opt for computers I gave my very best and for the first time in my life I was in the top 5 rankers. My family was stunned and I was happy.

Before the start of next year there was a scholarship distribution ceremony for the merit holders and I was one amongst them. When I reached home I saw one of the best bicycles as a gift for me from my parents, boy o boy I still remember how happy I was.
I don't know about you guys, I bought a car last year but the joy I had riding that bicycle is unforgettable.

To Be Continued...

Feb 07th, 2013 07:34 AM

The diary here starts with events right from when I was born...
Carl Sagan - Grandfather Paradox theory of time travel,
"It's very simply that you travel into the past and murder your own grandfather before he sires your mother or your father, and where does that then leave you? Do you instantly pop out of existence because you were never made? Or are you in a new causality scheme in which, since you are there you are there, and the events in the future leading to your adult life are now very different? The heart of the paradox is the apparent existence of you, the murderer of your own grandfather, when the very act of you murdering your own grandfather eliminates the possibility of you ever coming into existence."
This does not say though that it is not possible, it just hints that it is not possible. I close my eyes and think if I could, I would fix all wrongs of my life…

Chapter 1- Early Life

I loved this novel Great Expectation so I will name myself by the character Philip or as a child my infant tongue could only pronounce Pip.
My father working as an accounts manager excelled in mathematics and my mother a teacher in the same subject. Irony here is that both of them hold a Bachelor’s degree in science.
My mother tells me that as a child I was a silent one and never tried crying as warfare tactics. Soon after I started walking and uttered only couple of words I was admitted to school where I excelled in being the worst student in class for many years. There was a case when I was in 1st standard where I did not write anything. Not even a single word. On being asked by my teacher "Mr. Pip, why aren't you writing?" I replied "Madam, yesterday my mother made me practice all this and now I am too tired to write it all again". Today I use this story to win over my girlfriends ;)
Falling in love has been there in me right from the start; my first encounter was in 3rd standard. Boy O Boy, she was the most beautiful sight I ever looked upon. Couple of years back we became friends again on FB, but when I realized she is in NewZealand and married (Major setback :-( for me), I deleted her from my friends list.
I was evolving good, learning a lot, having a lot of poopoo experiences in school (read wetting my pants, every way). But I had one good thing I was never scared that people would make fun of me if I end up being a dumb, because at least i would set an example on how not being a dumb, Pip (my name here, in case you don't remember) way.

To Be Continued....

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