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Phoenix's Diary

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Rain. A good book. Breeze. Mountains. Smiles. A soft embrace. The thought of him. Waves. A child's giggle..... Best things in the world really are free...

24 years old, Female, Mumbai

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Jul 21th, 2014 8:18 PM


I had fun today.. Oh sorry not today but yesterday! It was good ... Rosh and Shrut came by and well we did nothing unusual but I dont remember the last time I was that happy and at ease AND in the moment.. So yea it was nice to come back to myself...

How the ever... I was a drag today.. Hadn't slept since last two nights .. I was almost mariul... I almost fainted in the morning .. So well I hogged a good amount of food and died off ... I was literally in coma for half a day..!

Jul 18th, 2014 4:30 PM

Hey Sweety!

Why did i stop writing you? God knows why my mind recoils the very given chance. it's like a turtle, you see something unusual you recoil. But in this case, If I don't something unusual, i recoil. My mind needs activity and inspiration all the time. And the good news is that I am not a self motivated person! *sarcasm intended* I need someone or something to pull me up and get me going again. Yea i know it's not a good thing but well i have been fighting this since childhood. Did it change? NO. So why not accept it, right?

So today i went to Vashi to pick up the eligibility certificate and got it instantly! no applications, nothing. Sometimes life is THAT kind and easy! and then i was hungry as usual, so stuffed a chicken shwarma at the station. They have increased the price and minimised the chicked quantity! :( well i was in no mood to argue so i let it go. I was over the phone with Harry actually, so i probably didn't bother. We spoke about Adi and Jeet and when is she coming back and weddings and stuff.

But her call killed my battery. My cell was off so i requested a 'random generous stranger' to give me her phone and called mommy to inform her. And that was that. No calls to anybody else. Not even dad! I just didn't care. And honestly, i was at peace. These phones have killed our peace really. I was in the train, enjoying the greenery and writing (i'll post it soon).

I also did something totally unconventional. I opened my hair and sat besides the window. I don't do that! I always tie my hair in a half ponytail with a clip because they are puffy and are everywhere! Whenever i do open them, i get the same dialogue from friends/family, "Oh my god, tie it up you're scaring me!" The fuck man... these are my hair, i was born with them! anyways today i didn't care and somehow i felt total ass for not doing this since so many years! Why should I care if it scares them! run away then! My hair are different but that's what makes them so gorgeous! Yeah well i don't maintain them that much - for the lazy ass i am - but now i will!

I am in office now and my cell is charging in dad's cabin. I haven't even switched it on yet. I feel so free without it!

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