Predisposed Lover's Diary

Predisposed Lover's Diary

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Well... All I can do now is write.... write... And write.

17 years old, Male, Kota

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Oct 26th, 2014 10:39 PM

Well after so long course of hardships..... Finally had so long conversation with you.... M on cloud nine right now... Seriously... You are too cute... Adorable... To have a conversation with.... Well after so long a "worth it convo."phewwwwww....... Well you have gone for a purpose... And you'll succeed... Dun worry... And even if thou not.... Remember that failure is not the end of your aim... Enjoy it... Relish it.... Cuz thats what champions do... Dont they????
Well m not write more... Just too happy.....

Oct 25th, 2014 9:25 PM

Umm I was stepping the whole day around my phone just to seek any notification of yours... But I witnessed neither msg nor call... Well maybe you are least intrested in having a word with me or maybe tou dont have time. So I didn't messaged you today becuz I would have bothered you both ways... Umm nothing to tell much dear diary... Just hoping that we get up from this 12 msg conversation to... A longer one

Oct 24th, 2014 6:41 PM

Well today was awesome.... After such long course of hardships and disgrace finally had a conversation with you.... It is pleasure talking to you dear... It is always a pleasure...your just one word is enough to instill me with New charm and life. Well if I summarize last few days... Whole of my time has been spent in recalling the glimpses of our past time together... All I wonder is what it would have been if we were together.... It is my frailty that I am only swayed by affection and love... But you havn't swayed me... You've just replenished my life. I am so lucky to have you as my friend. Not Best one though but soon you'll be one.

Oct 23th, 2014 10:24 AM

Isnt it a irony that person who awaited the whole year for this auspicious day to come is sitting idle today.... No meeting frnds... No london street outing... No mahool... Just sitting like a laymen... Well my little brother just came.. and his eyes were gleaming expecting only one thing.... When will bhaiya ask me get up and take me to buy crackers... Childhood... Its unaware of future.. Unaware of past... All it does is finding small small moments to cherish.... Well adulthood... Things change.. And so do moments... The moments which we awaited for become just a penny thing... Well obviously the time is hard enough... But yes my little brother... Full of ecitement... Full of life... Full of joy... All he is doing is opening every packet.. Counting every cracker... Asking which is mine and which is yours .... In what manner does it burn bhaiya.... He is too adorable to look upon...

Oct 23th, 2014 07:30 AM

Umm grew up in the morning... (Not slept at night though)... Found mummy arranging things for feast... Well its diwali today. But a meaningless one. Fisrt tym I didn't bought crackers.... Well not intentionally but yes it will be an eco-freindly one. Well it has been 2days since I've talked to you. Well I m regretting why I said to you all that stuff. Well last night I was wondering whole night... How it would have been if we were together now. I would have the pleasure to see your msg or call.... Happy Diwali dear. The things would have been more easier for me. People saying its an sign of an infatuation. Dear all
.... I.dont have to prove anything more to you..! Well yrsterday for the first time in my whole lifetime, I was out of mind and intrest while doing physics. Sounds silly but yes... Physics instills me with a new life everytime I encounter it. Well I closed the book. You probably know(if you remember) that I I used to excel in studies. I have always loved studyng. My mom was asking me if I have some issues. She understands every nerve of mine. Actually I told.her about you. She tenderly embraced me and told how she first fell in love with papa. Love is caring, Worrying without any motive... Endlessly... You need not to be in relationship she said. Just love her... And study.yes... Ofcourse... Well right now she is the only one whose talks dont scorch me....phew.. Today is Diwali.... But not happy though.... Well I cannot say this to you but.... Here yes...... Happy Diwali dear..#dv.. May happiness.and prosperity grow by your side for.the life time. Well rest tomorrow... Love you #dv

Oct 22th, 2014 6:39 PM

Well worst happened today. #dv... Well somehow I proposed her... But she rejected. Maybe for her own reasons. Actually I didn't mind because the pain which she has undergone... Its quite difficult for her to believe again. Or maybe I am not worth it. Or maybe she is too classey...or she doesn't has time. Her reasons absolutely... Well I didn't bothered her and asked what exactly the reason was. Well I love her and no one can snatch that from me. obviously before loving her I didn't expected that she will love me too. Moving forward is currently not the thing I am thinking about. Just coping with the pain... Well its not exactly pain...rather an anxiety of seperation from her. The one whom you'll love #dv...probably Would be the luckiest person in the world. Well it would not be exaggeration if I say that you are the most kindest and caring human being i've ever had the good fortune of knowing. Well #dv I really wanted a chance to prove my love for you. I thought I had a lifetime ahead to prove didn't gave me one..... But no issues. Loving A person doesn't requires relationship. First time in my life that I fell in love.... Really.. But hard luck maybe...or you deserve better.... All i want is to see you happy.. Thats it. But I would have been more lucky if the reason behind your happiness was me. Actually I do want to know the reason.... But wont bother you by asking. Actually I did knew the whole scenario.. That u'll refuse... And also I knew that it would be completely ok by ur side... I also knew that I wont be able to talk to you again... If you refused. But stubborness is the synonym of love. Well you may not be here.... By my side.. But yes definitely..I wont miss you at all..... I can talk whwnever I want to..... It would be a monologue though but.. Let it be... Well they say time heals the pain..... But its not a wound... Its a thought that is drenchding me every moment.... Well before we met I was alive... But after meeting you I felt life... For the first time.... Maybe you were afraid that after your rejection I would post some 20-30 intense statuses... But I am a writer.... Just few lines. Are sufficient to draw out the grief and anxiety from my heart....Not completely though..... All I worry now is that perhaps I wont be able to talk to you again. I dunno why.... But probably the time demands demarcations... Seperation... All from my side though... Well hope it will settle in future..... I hope so!!!! Luv you #dv

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