Preet ......nomad's Diary

Preet ......nomad's Diary

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Engineer,Loves Singing and travelling and writing stuff.....

27 years old, Male, Delhi

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Nov 19th, 2013 9:00 PM

Does this really happening to me....i was asking myself while checking out this girl. She was also looking at me. I dont know her reason but i was watching her because she was just perfect. She was so pretty that i cant let my eyes off her. Suddenly our stop came and she get down along with her friend.

I was in a dilemma...should i tell her that i liked her and her smile fascinates me or should i move on to my destination. Just to remind you guys was not my stop. I forget to get down at my stop because i was so engrossed in her eyes and her beauty and her smile.

Much to my amazement i was following her listening to my heart. I dialled Mayank's number(my best friend) and starts telling him that i found the girl of my dreams and that i am following her. He told me to listen to my heart and carry on doing the same.

After 15 minutes i came by her side and....

Me: Hi...preet this side...what's ur name? She told me her name is Neha...
Neha: what do you want?
Me: I think i like you...and i dont know might find all this crazy but trust me i am not crazy...
Neha: dude! you are fast...but still i didn't get the correct answer...what do you want?
Me: I know this is crazy but i would like to know maybe you can...
Neha:No i wont give you my number...
Me:Ok can you give me your email id...
Neha: Ok note it down....(she gave me her email id)
Me: So can we meet some other time...
Neha: No i dont think so...

And she left....

Oct 13th, 2013 12:27 AM

Working for a MNC doesn't excites me. Money doesn't excite me. To be frank nothing excites me more than travelling and exploring new places.

I work only for money so that i can visit new places. I have only one dream and that is to explore whole world.
I dont want to marry......i dont want to have kids. Love doesn't surprise me anymore.Sex is overrated.
Hill stations, mountains, cool breeze, rivers, trees....these are the things which excites me. Am i mad or what? I am 28 and lost. I dont want to tell anyone what i want from life. Just let me live according to my rules. I might get married because of my parents and the so called society.

I am confused. I have been to many places and i want to explore further.

Mar 04th, 2013 9:47 PM

sometimes i think is it me or every other guy is like me. I get attracted towards a girl, i approach her, she accepts me, we take time knowing each other, now when i know almost everything in general about her i no longer feel attracted to her.
Why the hell this happens. Why i get bored easily everytime or is there anything wrong in me.
She is about to get engaged, my parents are looking suitable girl for me.She likes me more than i like her.
I'm confused this time also. Why the hell this happens again and again.

Sep 22th, 2012 12:25 AM

Dear Girls,

no offence but sometimes i wonder what is it that u want from us guys. Love, compassion, money or something else.
recently one of my friend got dumped by his girlfriend of five years, he was devastated as he was trying to propose marriage to her.
He was a smart guy and he loved her. Somehow the girls dreams have changed and she found someone else. I dont know who was right and who was wrong but its painful.

It seems love is a compromise nowadays and true love doesn't exist.

Sep 18th, 2012 6:30 PM

Sometimes i wonder am i really doing anything to improve my life or just going with the flow of so called life.
Financially i'm doing good but deep within my heart i want something more from life.
But the problem is that i'm still wondering whats that one thing i really want to do. What is my passion?
Is it ok not to have one. Yeah i do have many hobbies and i'm good in those but passion is something different. I'm not married yet and sometimes i just think that what if tomorrow with all the responsibilities i were still trying to figure out this question....
What is my PASSION?

Sep 17th, 2012 2:30 PM

why is it that nowadays the most favorite question of people around me is that "when are u gonna marry?".
For god sake leave me alone, i hate this question. There r many more things than marriage. I also want to get married, but its none of ur business anyway. U'll enjoy a wedding party, go home, comment on the
way things were organised, how the bride looks and many more things which i don't even care about.

After that, all the responsibilities will be handled by me. I don't even know if i'm ready for a marriage. For the past few years i'm enjoying my life my way and suddenly i have to take care of another person.

Anyways lets c how it goes....till then i'm cool :)

Aug 30th, 2012 4:30 PM

Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts. Mind is filled with numerous thoughts. Nothing is going in the direction i want my life to go. Is it with me or other people also find this crazy.
Watching my Dog is a good stress buster although. Would it be easier if we were to live like a dog.....someone would have feed us and only thing we have to do was to bark and sleep. Its a weird thought i know Human beings are created for a greater cause.
Guitar is now officially a house for Spiders. Its another dream lying in the closet.

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