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Jan 07th, 2016 00:46 AM

I am not able to see the smile that i have to hug!!

Though i am already in arms of my people..
But its like

I want few more..

Few more smiles

Few lil private smiles whom i can talk like blindfolded without fear of their advice n things

Though most important smiles are within me n with me
My friends
My parents
My thinking, patience, understanding and etc same things like that
My positivity

I just need to get out of my mind n start sketching the dreams in real!!

I need alot to learn!!
Alot to see..

And alot to smile more...

I am careful this time

Its like

Previously i was dependent on her for every lil thing to big things

For my smile, for things that even doesnt matter

May be it was habbitual

It was healthy till the time it was maintained by both of us

And i can maintain it alone also but it will more costly

It may bury me with the tears
And pain obviously

I need a girl, on which i can put my head on with closing eyes for sometym

But i dont want to get in this relationship thing

Its not about fear n ol


Its more abt me..

Lets celebrate more time independently

Where i am responsible for my smile
My things

Though i hate to care of myself

I love to care for other n its too lovely when they care of my things

Specially that one single person
Who has more rights on me than i have

Its not the tym

Though the truth is i m attracted towards other girls too

One is an artist
And her eyes are soo fucking deep

I want her to be my friend

Just friend

As she is an artist with deep eyes

And its lovely to see creativity
Creativity in writing

She is also a stranger
I found her in train on my way to mumbai from goa!!

Yup diary
Love is prohibited for a long tym

Bt its good to see that i am distracted by someone else


You can easily handle if the person is new on your mind!!

Hey i am talking about handling mind!!!

Not the girl!!


Did i tell u that i met v!!

It was more like a movie

I was in lonovala n she was in pune

We both made a sudden plan
N i took a local train
She also took a local train

We met in between somewhr

Had brkfast n fast food

Talked alot

N again we proved

That she is the best!!!

I admire her!!

It good to goo kiddish with her

Two kids at a railway station n dono k phone mein same percentage battery ki

8 it was or i guess 9


And dn jab jaane ki baari aayi

It was again like a movie scene

I took an auto n went towards left

She took an auto went towards right!!

N hum dekhte rhe ek dusre ko haste rhe n wave krte rhe!!

Huh diary

I want to hav everything pure

It makes me soo fcking happy

Soo fcking happy
That i cant stop blushing thiking of these people

Nov 18th, 2015 04:05 AM

Hmm diary..

Let me over ypu..
Or we shall hide her..

Yes no more her amd her conversations between u n me...

What's say

Ok!! U r saying me to shift somewhere else..


I look on to it...
I have an idea...

Ohh fucking fish...

Its soo simple..

Thanks diary..

I love you...

Bi diary..

This is my last post..

And diary i am comming tomorrow with that sun only
With that shine n that heart only

But we need to shift our room
Yes our room

Not the whole house...

Hahaha i ll explain u tomorrow only

Dont wry... :)

Nov 17th, 2015 11:18 PM


Nov 17th, 2015 9:09 PM

M mad i guess..
Hmm pagal ban gya hun..

Ptanhi apme ap fork uthaya
And digged it in my own leg..

Huh haa just 4-5 drops of blood...

Hmm its red!! :D

Aare galti se hogya yaar...


Nov 17th, 2015 5:39 PM

Hmm ghar wale abhi bhi nhi maante..
Specially mum..

Uska phone aata hai??
Tu krta hai??

N me: 😓😓😓

Dn mum placement lele
Bhej deinge tujhe bhi vha plane se..

Me: 😓😓😓😓😑😑

Kuch bola jata hi nhi..

Aisa lagta hai ki sab mazak kr rhe hai..

Lolz tym.. 😂😂😂😂

Nov 17th, 2015 4:21 PM

At home
Yup sunbath kinda thing..

Sun is great.. :D

Keeping us warm..

Zayda warm mat kar dena like in summers.. :D

Nov 17th, 2015 00:29 AM

I m lil upset..
May be lil more...

Am i sad cz of no reason!!???
I don't want to see them again and again...

Abhi abhi few mins ago it was way uncontrollable...

I txtd j that

" m sry

I couldn't stop myself
So textd you

Yup its not easy to live without you

I need your support

I am not weak but i am incomplete

I dont hate you even if i say it

I hate the situations that seperated me from you

I dont hate you..
I just love you soo much or i dont care at all..."

Ye sab likh k

I deleted it n nhi send kiya kuch


Its ok diary... Ye sab chalta rheta hai

Abhi thodi deer phele
Mum dad k peer dabaye
Mum ko bournvita milk diya
Though mum ne kartik ko kha tha milk laane k leye but mein hi lee aya


Sunno toh shi

Jab milk laaya
Tab mum proper kiddish way mein

Sugar to daali nhi esme

Mene kha lata hun ruko


Unki har zid puri karne ka maan krta hai

But samjh aata hai ki har zid puri karne k leye thoda tym chahiye

Mein mum ko car gift karna chahata hun asap..
Yup!! Muv types

Renault duster is nice!!


Happiness is seeing your mum smiling..


Though meri and mum ki bhot fights hoti hai
Baaton baaton mein

I know she cares for me like extra ordinary..

Yaar koi apko etna pyar de..
Kya apka maan nhi krta unko usse zayda pyar dene ka!!

Mera toh bhot krta hai..

Logo ko hasane ka
Usnke sath hasne ka
Smile krna basically


I m not leaving ayu.. For a long time...

She is a very good person.. From inside and out too..

Thing is she cares like my people care for me..

Yup she is attached..
Its good..

Though i dont break bonds and relations..

I love and enjoy to keep them with me..

Agar apke people apke sath na hoo still andar se apko pta hai they are with you
So u get motivated
You feel support
You feel every good thing..

Yes!! J is also good..
Thats y me and paras still talks about her

Sometimes when i meet anuj i also share things with him


She must be missing us too..

Not me specifically

But me for sure... Hahahaa

We are all connected

If usse paras ki yaad aayegi toh meri bhi aayegi

And agar meri aayegi toh paras ki bhi aayegi and nihu ki bhi

And aor bhi

Aisa hi hai..

Ek relation todne se

Kaafi relations tut sakte hai...

And tod fod mein him toh vishwas nhi rakhte..

Well ye thodi si political buttering hogayi.. :D

Hmm sad tha entry ki starting me..

Ab clam hogya..

Diary mein teri kuch zayda praise toh nhi krne lag gya!!


You deserve it..

20th is comming...

I am still confused and stucked.. And sucked too...

Its ok... I will continue with time..

But still aacha aacha sa nhi lagta..

Thodi si sadness toh humesha rheti hai
Vo hai ki vo bhar akele mein aati hai

Aor ki dassan diary

Abhi milk finish kiya hai..


Hmm nini toh aayi hai but

Sad k soone ka maan nhi krta

Abhi j chahiye...


Shi mein she is a drug for me...

I can feel k uska na hona mere pe kya
Effect lata hai..

Tadap sa jata huj kabhi kabhi but
Na col krta hun
Na txt

I prefer wait

Its not like k whatsapp khol k pray krne lag jao k ab aayega ab aayega

Aisa nhi h

I know aayega

But jab ayyega
Tab ki tab dekheinge


Vaise meri current dp is lil rude

" hating people takes too much enegry.. I just pretend they are daed.."

Nov 16th, 2015 9:28 PM

Hmmm bilkul aacha nhi hua test

I still have time and

Will complete these subjects bas aaj vala thoda tuff tha

Baaki shi hai..


Going to take bath

Comming soon

Nov 16th, 2015 02:56 AM

m out today yes!! kal mera sessional hai
n i m in delhi somewhere in oyo rooms

aacha kyu??
bta dun?

fast n furious 7 ka get low song shna hai??

aacha lean on??

turn down for what???

today dj snake was in delhi..

and r3hab



all good..

i thought ok right now m not in a conditionto write anything

but yup

btana toh thana!! :)



high's diary..

high on music..

on friends

on alcohol
haa thodi si




i want to call her..

somewhere in need of her...

her voice can make me see the heaven...
though i am already in heaven..

my friends are something i cnt tell u
i cant show you

you can only feel them when u see them wid me

observe us

lets fall in happiness


and j

my sbaby strong heart that loves can hold upto any force...
m such blessed with soo good people in my life..

cant tell u

all the things push me towards you

thoughnobody tell me directly or indirectly

but they too knows my happiness

but they want to see me chilling always

and i am chilling

agar sweetly

kahu tohh

bas etna kahinga ki


agar mein baacha hota toh
bhot cutely smile karta dekh k tum sab ko

i mean no comparison no complaints
m happy being what i am..

i know m good..

lots of people can stand by me wheather m anywhr or in any condition


lil proudy

cz of alcohol

hmm may be

lookna!! m lil emotional also

j ko call nhi kar skte

let her feel the absence.

i know m getting lil bad..

but thoda toh upset rhunga na!!

kya karu!!


i know vo miss kar rhi hai..

vo zayda kar rhi hai..

but vo crazy love chahati hai??

yaar jissstage pe vo hai..
uski surrounding effects her...

yaar mein diary na likhu??


kyusab killer detective khel rhe hai

phele baar doing experiment and

jo haara usse dare milega

vaise bhi pepsi and kuch khaneki nhi hai?? 😂


we are laughing!!!

himashu haar gya!!

ab 2 aor our out honge!!

vo jayeinge saaman lene!!


j ki baat baad mein btaunga!!!

Nov 15th, 2015 10:14 AM

Morning diary
Kal se sessionals start hai
Hmm n m still yawning..

Nov 15th, 2015 01:05 AM

N diary
Aisa nhi hai ki usne kuch galat step liya hai ya bhot kuch hide kiya diary
Thing is
She hided the things which effected her
she just wrongly aasumed the situations and reflected her mind in other directions

Agar mujhse share kiya hota tym pe toh samjhata aache se usse jaise abhi samjhaya thode din phele

Its ok..
Usko daar tha khi mein shout na kru n sad na jaun..

And mujhe thda gussa aaya jo k i lov her bt still i asumed myslf in her situation amd then socha toh etna gussa nhi aaya

And dn mene usse samjhaya

Its good to see we both understand each other

Yup past mein usne bhi mujhe bhot aache se samjha nd sambhala hai

And agar understanding aachi hoo
Usse aacha kuch nhi

But aaj kal k relationships mein understanding zayda nhi hoti..
And har choti si baat ka syaapa hojata hai

Yup... Its good.. Somewhere..

Nov 15th, 2015 00:57 AM

Hmm bhuk lagi thi..
So made a simple tomato ketchup veggie pasta

Its yumm to have it... :D

Nov 14th, 2015 10:55 PM

Yesterday's 1st entry...

hello diary...
the day was good.. but at the end lil mum se bhes and ol toh tabhi thoda sa mood kharab hai..
hmmmm kisko miss kr rha hun
jante toh hoge kisko....

aaj vo gaana suna..
agar tum sath hoo.... from tamasha...

kuch zayda hi yaad aagayi uski.. vo sunne k baad toh...
jo part girl gati hai... vo bhi aacha hai..
and jo arijit ne gaya hua hai vo bhi aacha hai..

both suits me....

arijit singh - agar tum sath hoo ya na hoo kya farak hai??

shi baat...

sab cheezein jaane k baad bhi she still choose to fall for the problems so that she may or may not come again..
wtf this is..

after all knowing uske baad bhi m saying k dont commit any mistake jisse ki mein chaha k bhi baad mein usse aacept na kar paun..

ye bhot galt hai...

what will be my stiutation that time i dont know but yup i ll be in my worse then..

i can understand those relation jha bhot pyar hai but uske baad bhi one person commits any mistake
jo ki untolerable hoo
what will the other one say??

the other one will kill him/her self.. in a situation
jha uska maan hai dusre k wounds ko heal karne ka but vo na kar paye...
how painful it is...

and yaar galti kar ke aise kya fayda??

matlb pyar hojayega ye???

dusre vale ka pyar maar gya toh??? uski band baj jayegi...

yaar galti karni kyu hai??
esleye taaki baad mein sath rhe k bhi regrets mein rhe??
regret mein rhe k kaash mein usse rok leta..
and the other one k kaash ye galti naa ki hoti...

yaar simple si life hai ptanhi kyu complicate akrne mein lage hai sab...

pasand hai kya unsolved wires mein rhena

and khud ko bhi maze mein feek dena???

i know its not soo simple as i am talking but atleast soch samjh k toh steps loo...

i am not saying k she ll come...

but i too dont want she should be in regrets..

vo vha akeli hai.. nhi shen kar payegi vo...

aise nhi hota... zaldi zaldi mein and anger mein jo decisions hum lete hai unka koi fayda nhi hota...

soch samjh k steps le toh galti k chances bhi kaam hote hai.. and banda galti karne se phele hi ruk jata hai...

hey are you feeling any boundations reading this...

well m talking to remove the boundations and uske leye thoda sa toh stress lena padega..

varna zayda stress lene ka maan hai.. toh its all your wish..

har ek person ko khud ka loss karne ka fulll haq hai....
dusra usko samjha sakta hai ya guide kar skta hai..

huh m tired..
kabhi kabhi toh maan karta hi ki koi power hoti jisse mein dusre person ko jo khu usse vhi dream aaye..

then i would make her realise ke uske paas kya kya hai and
k vo usse zayda bhi kho sakti hai...


insan jab koi relation todta hai toh tab usse samjh nhi aata k
usne jaane k baad
uss jaise dusre person ko kha se laapaoge...

cz obviously uski kami toh feel hogi...

usne jo comfort diye....
the care...
the love..
the understandings...
the unconditional support...
the trust...
the permission to do anything you want..
the energy that has been spent to gather you and your things..
your stubborn behaviour of your's that he handled so easily..
the endless miles that he travelled for you...
and etc

ye mein yha pe apne ehsaan nhi count karva rha..
these are the things that i love to do for her..
or any true person will do who cares for the 2nd person....

yup dhayn se padho " true person"..

ye market toh nhi hai... jab chaha jaisa chaha vaisa human mil gya..

the good thing is that she shares everything to me...
but lil late..
agar kuch batein usne phele btayi hoti toh ab tak ye strech nhi hua hota...

but still esmein bhi mein uski zayda galti nhi maanta..

i know thda pressure hota hai apne ap se..
samne vale ka daar bhi hota hai...

but she should know i am not that person jo suune se phele hi bhadak jaye..

i never did this until and unless she has said mein something which is very offensive...

yes i can bear alot..


cz i dont want she should bear...

and dear

All the people can make you smile by doing something
You are the one who makes me smile even if u don't do anything..

Yes... I still believe


m not doing anything to get you back.
I am here only...
When you are done..
Come find me..

Nov 14th, 2015 10:40 PM

Hmmm... Vo post del nhi hua...
Its still in sticky notes of my laptop..

Pasting it soon

I thought i must have gone deleted cz

Jo suddenly off hogya tha.. Yup i did that..


Nov 14th, 2015 10:22 PM

Hmm.. Better day than the previous one...

Yup i think i lost that entry which i was talking about
I wrote it lil big
It was way opposite to what i was writing yesterday..
Yup usko likhne k baad thoughts change hue..

And its good.
Diary you know m very much moody
And have heavy moodswings
But you also know that i can control them nicely and swtich my mood easily
And that's good

But when i m writing entries, poems, whatever
I capture each and every emotion of mine..
And thats how i go peaceful while expressing everything to you..
Yup i dont cheat with you...

Its good to see you smiling...

Heard about paris..
Only one thing for the motherfuckers who did this- dickheads!! why the hell do you exist!!

I mean
This is un-tolerable...

God bless people and their soul..

Those who did this, are not humans they are fucking animals who don't have heart and value of life..

Nov 14th, 2015 3:27 PM

Doing breakfast now

Nov 14th, 2015 01:37 AM

Nhi jaa rha uske pass..😣😣

Nhi chahiye koi bhi... 😭😭😭😭

Nov 14th, 2015 01:34 AM

Tum sath ho ya na hoo
Kyaa farak hai...
Bedard si zindagi
Bedard hai...

Agar tum sath hoo... 😣😢

Huh wanna go back when situ was not that thinkable
Wasn't so deep
Was simple and had big eyes
Clear eyes

Ab situ ptanhi aacha ban gya hai??
Ya phir sab hath se nikalta jaa rha hai...

For some days i wanna write like i used too...

Simple words.. Very fast...
Very non sense
Very funny and lolz

That situ wasn't made for love..
He used to love people when they pamper him
Even j too..
Situ was very bold before

All bakchodis

Aisa lgta hai ki kyu etni himmat kr rha hun n kis k leye??


Life ko simple banane k chakar mein
Khud bhot complicated ban gya hun dusron k leye


Nov 14th, 2015 01:27 AM

Lets cry.. Together..
Baada maan hai...

Rote hue bhi koi hasta hai... 😔

Dairy thodi der phele mere paas net nhi tha so mene entry lappy pe likh di

Kal post krunga

Abhi m trying to cry a lil..

Bade din hogaye... :D

Ye song hi bhot senty hai...

Nov 13th, 2015 00:09 AM

And haan mene btaya v is comming here
Yup she ll be meeting me on 27th

I have selected some one piece and tunics

Will order ome for her..

She is my fav kid..

Yup diary..

She is bestie..

She knows how to make me smile..
I love sharing things to her...
She listen me always..
And hum haste bhi bhot hai sath mein..

Though vo chup rheti hai but tang bhot karti hai

Kha ma she is a. Kid

And yup i can bear her to any level..

I know her and her inside...

She is too cute.
And i guess m lil possessive for that frnd..

Zayda din usse baat na krun na aajeb sa lgta hai

Hahahaha loo aagya uska txt phir

Mene usko kuch puppies ki pic bheji thi
Yup groumd floor pe 4 puppies are there
Humne unke leye proper space banaya hua hai

And yes they are hell sweet

They were playing with me today
Chasing me
Then smeeling my feet and then trying to eat it

I mean nikku..
Yup uska nick name
She lives in pune..
Doing law..

Ok bi

Uske txt aate ja rhe hai
n vo sad jati hai

Seeya diary

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