RAHI's Diary

RAHI's Diary

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Har pal yeh kiska hai intezer ...intezer...manzil hai jiska koi kabar nahin...bas chala chal is bechaini ke saath ...

32 years old, Male, Ranchi

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Aug 09th, 2014 8:31 PM

Its been a week now ...where we share our time together ...last week night was like do dil jal rahe the in the four corners ...but in very next moment things get changed ...we have to renew our identities... its really a tuff call in every sense ...

Its really difficult to live life next moment even without you , I dont know how would I plan so big for weeks, months or years ... today I am just living in moment wise ...

I am praying for you, and wann to see urs smile back as soon as possible ......may god accept our Prayers .....aamen !!!!

Jun 2nd, 2014 8:12 PM

Aaz phir se hai kisi ne di hai dastak ..kyu aur kya ki hulchal mein phir se ghira mein...suna tha sooraj ke saathwe ghore ke bare mein...majar yeh kya aaz phie se hai woh shaam aayi...phir se jag i chahhaten khob ....is kasmakash pe bari woh khusi ...saath lag raha tumaha pyara sa...na jane hazratein kyu jagin itni....bas itna hai rakh paoon sambal ke is bandhan ko...aur us dor ko ...

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