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Nov 24th, 2014 00:22 AM

Can't delete yaar ....love bahut kutti cheez hain na.................

Kya kare ..............

Nov 24th, 2014 00:13 AM

its difficult to delete the account ....
Give me the strength ....I need to and you can ....trust me you can ..........
common ...common...common and common

Nov 23th, 2014 10:30 PM

Went to gym for 2 hours.Went to salsa classes, Danced with lot of partners. Told them i am going to play guitar for all of them to get famous. Wow i became such a person . I didn't know salsa but its quite funny dance and i was kind of exaggerated in watching the dance step 1234567 cool. The dance master from orissa ( oh dude you met me again). ( ek hi dost yaad aa jaata hain ab to dushman hain saala )
Bought a gift for sudhir a watch for his birthday and he told me not to give expensive give and what i said him you know that this money is worthless dude if it can not make anybody happy
Told my friends that i played "Socha na tha" and they told amazing and varun told "Love is kuti cheez " ....Kisko pyaar kar liya saala rahul ( jaati hi nahin itni kuti cheez hai).
Watched lot of poems and got what she wanted to say and you know what i want you to leave your life for the person you love not me ...........which you never did ...( I was fucking asshole to run for you ) ....Such an ashhole i am isn't it...
Gaali to bahut di ...yaad rahegi madam
Today went for mba classes told my ram katha of love and they told what you know never loose you dignity and i told them kutta ban gaya tha uska..........kya kare pyaar mein kuch bhi kar sakta tha na....Kiya na....saale tere BF neecha dekhaane liyaa ....tab bhi revenge liya...you told me kute ka din aata...I am impressed babyu....Theonly thing there is only person in my life who really cared about me and today i knew who was it ( My younger sister)
such a sweet heart man Shaadi kar li from the lower caste ( i love you sis ) ............You are beautiful girl of my dad. I want to live another life with you because i could share everything from you ...............
Aisa bhi gf hoti hain Jo saali MBA karaane ke liya or revenge ke liya pyaar kiya tha.........( saala i thought of showing her to mom , dad and to you but see what she wanted )....Remember one thing that i have no grudges for you , not for your friend and not for anyone ..

Nov 23th, 2014 12:57 AM

mitti di khusboon kyun aati hai yaar.
I forgot this mitti di khusboon

Nov 23th, 2014 12:55 AM

Darkness profoundness,
Fucking strangers,
Bag full of anger,
trimmer with all hairs,
time with all porns,
dances with dons,

Time teach us,
love breaches,
girl ditches,
boy pitches,

maa ka phone aaya

ghaas lena gayi
Villain ka role aaya
Steel faced
iron faced,
Lets do this dramma
shahrukh jaammaal
brother of farooq jaamaal
one disappeared
other still wants to stay ......

Jaadu ki jhaapi to le le

Nov 23th, 2014 12:43 AM

Yesterday sudhir gave the party however i was not interested to come to the party. Although he convinced me to go to the party. As usual he understands me and i love him for understanding me. I don't give a damn to this love thing . The day i got to know what is love, I understood the love.
She got hurted from someone hence she wanted to take revenge from others what a cheap girl . Anyways thats not the point. The point is i love writing in this diary.

My friend deep is very nice person and he always convinces me to go for the dances. Tera bathroom mera bathroom aur mera bathroom aur mera bathrooom tera bathroom good dialogue (I just told to sudhir and sudhir is always impressed with me) ..Ravi came inside my room and always he is cool dude. Well ladkiyaan uspe marti hain that i know ....
Varun as usual the coolest dude in our room and i know he taught me to drink beer now. He is very ecstatic person and i enjoy sharing time with these people. I have to go for the salsa class and my cat class.

Yesterday on 22-11-2014 when we went for the Party in MEEZA it was amazing party time we had. 6 people in single auto while going to MEEZA restaurant in pune. Varun sat in front and We all sat above each other lap. We had a good time making prank of each other. Ravi is cool we make the good companion.
In salsa class met people they were good. We had nice time dancing with eacch other although i couldn't see at anyone's eyes because i am very shy. Its really difficult to look at a girls eye. For me its really difficult but i have to learn the way ............

Nov 22th, 2014 7:02 PM

Aapkya kya hoga janabe ali

Went to gym. dance salsa, hip hop( girls are crazy about me isn't it)....Kya kare ab to pyaar sab se ho jaata .
Friends told go and show your performance to them and i am ready. I couldn't see anyone's eyes because eyes to teri yaad aati hain aana...Lekin i am sticking to my rule ....( salmaan khaan bhai following you)
Joined the clasess for mba. Yesterday woke up till 3:00 and first time i felt like night out after absconding that =place
Bhawara bahut gussa dila raha maar doon isko .....(psycho dekha )

Yesterday i got friendship with this steelfaced guy ( oh you are steel faced isn't ) ...I am happy however try iron face that will suit you.

Feel pretty happy today but teri yaad aa hi jaati saali ....pata nahi kab jayigi dil se bahar.....

Dance class mein teri yaad nahi aayi....itni saari ladkiyon jo thi hehe...

Ek cheez aa gayi tha yaar..............bas wo dost ki yaad the one who told me something but don't worry i won't keep you in my heart ever and ever..........you were and you were.
Sab dekh tere se mile hue ...I think everyone loves you because they were your friends although i have better friends now because they don't ask something for giving something to them.......................
Black cloth mein when you sat near the bus stop and i came for playing guitar, I imagined why do you stay alone but today i felt that it was better for you to be alone than having a feeling of revenge bitterness....
I have never seen girl like you but never want to meet you also in this parallel world because for me its just a simple world............................

Nov 21th, 2014 09:02 AM

went to gym in the blueridge and thought to play guitar after writing this blog....no interest in office. I try to elude my office but money kya kare without that i won't able to show my paisa waala raaj. No savings is also there.
Pata hai i love that movie of rajputana " Kshatriya ". The best thing about me is i am kshatriya ( love that part of mine ) ....Bas ek baar ye body ban jayi paka kshatriya lagagu ga.
Have to go to swimming called ravi for that and yes we keep going to this swimming pool . I have fun in the water.
Song Tum bin ( Ishq ka dard hai ) . Heart touching . My favorite .
Trying the best to keep writing diary. Well ye ankhein yaad dilati uski so thought to keep them always and this hair style (similar hair style isn't it ).......
That does not mean i am prasing you its just that this helps me to keep me out of relationship with you.. (I loved you for what you were but not what you are remember that ) ......( Neither i think you as friend nor as love ( you are just in my heart which will be there) Ishq ka dard hain )

Nov 20th, 2014 8:22 PM

did swimming ,went to office , slept for 30 minutes, had tanduri chicken and bread - omlet. Exhausted not because i worked hard but because it was literally boring day. Did some work on ios and feeling really bored but have to make it more passionate. While traveling from office to house met deep as he was getting prepared to travel to his party. I came home and then varun and ravi caught my attention. They told lets go for a party on saturday but i told them i am kind of introvert and reluctant not to go. My teammates in the office are preeti, himanshu, ankit , aneesha, ganesh , sanjay and vikas for the current project . I forget the name of the people so thought to write it. See projects keep changing in our company hence i wanted to write this name. Today got a mail from previous pm that he needs my badge but unfortunately i misplaced hence i called him back and told him that its not available with me and i moved to pune. He asked me why i told him i just wanted to abscond from that place. I am absconder who doesn't know what he is doing but he is doing. Anyways thats personal to me and yes i keep on doing this things. After 5 years of experience i have no money in my pocket well that is unfortunate but somehow life is moving and it will move as the earth revolves round.
Came from 7 seater travelling from my office to my room . After all life is going on and it has to go on . Played "Rockstar song which was - jo bhi main ( but not in tune ) . Its ok it takes time to learn things.
I have to remove my clothes and then study perhaps . Not able to commit myself for studies but have to. However i have an enthusiasm to work hard. Hope somebody will help to take that an option. Ate bandi waala egg. Waiting for aashish to cook for me

Nov 19th, 2014 11:37 PM

khana nahi khaya
300 push ups,

Nov 19th, 2014 8:42 PM

Kyun Kisi Ko Vafaa Ke Badle Vafaa Nahin Milti
Kyun Kisi Ko Duaa Ke Badle Duaa Nahin Milti
Kyun Kisi Ko Khushi Ke Badle Khushi Nahin Milti
Ye Pyaar Mein Kyun Hotaa Hai
Ye Pyaar Mein Kyun Hotaa Hai
Kyun Kisi Ko Vafaa Ke Badle Vafaa Nahin Milti

Nov 19th, 2014 8:27 PM

I loved her and never wanted to leave her but when i don't love her then also her memories remain. Its just a far destination love. I agreed that we are not made for each other but someone will come in your life sooner or later. This will happen soon.
Don't you worry baby. This time you will find somebody matured not like me immature.
Anyways had chicken , egg and then some thing i don't remember . Watched naseeb and then asusual it is my favorite song. I think my last part of life will be similar. Hehe today i seem happy because this way my life is better than thinking about her. Yes i think about her . But that does not mean i love her anymore. I just don't love her anymore.
Kabhi kabhi lagta hain jeeta tha jiske liya then the word comes its ok ....Jeeta tha uski liye. Ab bas yaadein rahegayi uski ..................
Anyways i am happy with this part because i need death which also doesnt come may be one day it will come . I expect that sooner or later. Well i don't want to take birth any more because i am satisfied with this birth. Hehe ...Kya bole

Shikwa nahin kissi se ......nasib mein nahi tha jo humko mila nahi.....
Reached home thought to write diary. The day i will stop writing that day would be the dead day .

Nov 19th, 2014 8:19 PM

Heard it 100 times ......

Shikwa nahin kisi se, kisi se gila nahin - (2)
Naseeb mein nahin tha jo humako mila nahin
Shikwa nahin kisi se, kisi se gila nahin
Naseeb mein nahin tha jo humako mila nahin - (2)

Tu mil saka na hamako, tassali toh mil gayi - (2)
Aayi bahaar shaakh pe kali bhi khil gayi
Armaan tha hamako jiska woh gul khila nahin - (2)
Naseeb mein nahin tha jo hamako mila nahin - (2)

Yaadon ki jhilmil aati parchhaaiyon ke din - (2)
Katate nahin hai tanaha tanhaaiyon ke din
Hai chaahaton ka dilkash abb silsila nahin - (2)
Naseeb mein nahin tha jo humako mila nahin
Shikawa nahin kisi se, kisi se gila nahin - (2)
Naseeb mein nahin tha jo humako mila nahin - (2)

Nov 19th, 2014 08:37 AM

went to gym . Played guitar " Ek vaari aaja " of ayushman's and then played "Dum ro dum ". Then my friend made fun and my friend "Deep " is so sweet that he made me wake up in the morning. Don't tell me that you will take him also from me. Aaj tak whoever i loved you took haan.
"Nainsafi bahut achi hai aur jab tu mujhpe itne rahem kare to aur barbaadi achi hai"

I made my gf to abscond me and yes she deserved that freedom. I am not in love with her. It might be an infatuation i had for her but now its just the living being i have to live .
My biggest mistake in life is to love this girl but now won't love anyone, won't go near anyone. People say liar are the best people and hence be it. You will love it yaar.
Be a simple liar it will give you all happiness in the world.
Dad , mom just want to say that if i deserved something thats ok. Anyways working on my things. If i won't come think that you had only two daughter and no son. I am barely your son anymore. Rahul Singh.....................( let him continue what he wants to become)

Nov 18th, 2014 10:39 PM

she made me cry ...
i feel guilty for loving her
see how good i was and how you made me
nafrat nafrat yahi chahti thi na tu

Kaisa ladki hai tu yaar..
barbaad barbaad ...kar diya tune mujhe..

yahi barbaadi pe to hum haste hain

tum kya jaano ab tumpe kitne marte hain

(die hard fan of yours)
Learnt one thing in life never love anyone beyond your heart ......................

Nov 18th, 2014 08:52 AM

Went to gym, 2 hours, then your face, felt like a movie of fida that some are trying to cheat me .But thats ok. Then i remember your face . I thought it as innocence but they are made for betrayal....
I showed my poem to my friend. Got appreciation and love. Dad and mom sorry i am really sorry but now its just me and me.
Fake innocence charmed me but now i am in dungeon

Nov 18th, 2014 08:50 AM

My fake destiny ......................

girl gave me chocolate
refused to take one,
It was her birthday
sorry girl i don’t celebrate any day,
cadaver is my body
who doesn’t celebrate,
entertains other
but never want anyone to give me that happiness,
empathy, sympathy is not required,
antipathy is more enjoyed,
my roommates are enough to express my pain,
although they faint,
the charm of the girl,
doesn’t give me anything anymore,

hobbies doesn’t stop,
meagre i feel when i don’t perform,
“segue" what a funny word in iOS
but it has become critical day work,
one day i want to perish,
but no one cherish,
raavan,badman oh thats what you might be calling me
one day a batman you will find me,
submissive and obsequious,
watching porn to see milena fox and tiffany thompson,
became more vulgar than before,
show my abbs , my muscle when i am in gym,
people watch me and adore me,
my muscle is burning everyday,
pain is doing everything it can,
anger is giving me more passion to work hard,
one day you will see a real gunda,

dad told he will not do the same what my sis did,
but dad i am more worse than her,
see you trusted me,
but i deserted you,
oh what a shame boy,
dad told its bad to have one son,
see you gave a birth of a worse son,
sorry dad but i won’t disappoint you,
I remember times when i scored less,
and i hid my report card,
but you checked my complete bag,
you found one,
and then my bad day,
you tell everyone that i scored bad,
slapped and made me kneel down along with my sis,
but still those days were happiest one because you know dad,
you did all that because you never wanted me to ruin my career,
Dad i am sorry

Nov 17th, 2014 10:24 PM

ok tomorrow more gym 2 hours get up early .....

Nov 17th, 2014 9:22 PM

I saw her fb and wanted to see her that much happy.
Anyways i don't want to interfere in anyone's life. From now not going to her fb at all because its her memories....
I am not in her memories at all . I am not her love at all. I am forgetting you day by day.
Trust me i won't come to you and i don't want you come to me because my faith i have decided. It was me me who was running for you. You never ran for me. I realised my mistake. I became like this because of you . I lost my family trust because of you.
I lost you the same day when i lost them ......My message should be very clear to you.
My love is my imagination and let it prevail ...Never wait for me because i will never come. Never wait for me. I have choosen my destiny its without you , without my family , without my sister. I die alone, i love alone and i fight alone.

Love you my imagination
Love you my family
and Love my delusion

Nov 17th, 2014 8:46 PM

Went to gym and there is improvement in my hands . My body is more like a model body except my face but i am working. Went to swimming and guess what i am the best in swimming from all my friends who are sharing with me. Did biceps, triceps and chest and leg exercise. In l year i am sure i will have a body and i am trying to fight with shishir singh chauhan my best friend of mumbai. Thats about my gym and swimming hobby. Didn't call anyone from last 1 month . Dad will be thinking which type of son i got but dad - i know no one is like me. Why i am different from others ?
Well i watched a porn and that will reflect in my poem.
Went to office and did my work not completely but part of the work because i don't like the job i do it for earning there is no other way. My biceps have increased their size but not so much . ( A little difference so how much difference i will have one year ( just thinking) but thats not it. I want to become arnold because his body is amazing . Well i want to look him and then people will be afraid to come near me.
Ate chicken , egg and 3 rotis and suger cane juice. After the work it started raining and hence i went to the canteen. Ate omlet and i was ready to travel back to my home. I reached home and asked my friend to accompany me to swimming but he was afraid to go but i have a passion so i went inside the swimming pool. I did swimming and my legs were really paining. After that came back home and read some post and diaries. I have to have dinner....
Mom , dad , gudia and didi love you . I am sorry for deserting but give me 4 yeras dad. If i won't make i will not come but i will make it then we will have a new house( better house than the previous one) ....Give me your aashirvaad dad. I know you hate me dad but i have to do something in life otherwise you will sayour son has done nothing in life. I always get inspired by you. You know dad you are the one in our rajputana village who has done his studies , got a job in airforce and then made us study . I don't want to be nikammma beta. I want you to give the same happiness which you gave us.
Lvoe you monali, nishith , rohit ( imagination is better than reality which i never want )
take care just give them all happiness ......thats what i want................

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