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Aug 17th, 2012 9:49 PM

This one was a short story i made up, jus writing here in a plot kinda...

Love has different perceptions to different people, then how does it affect the people who are deeply wounded by EXTREME LOVE??
Do their actions followed, result harm to anyone? How will they understand the harsh truth and importance of LIFE.


• It revolves around two central characters in a conversational tone.
• The clash of the two lovers forms the base with their contrast mind-sets having a common motive of ‘DEATH’.
• It deals with humane emotions and how we react when our mind is fallen into a certain state of delusion.



On a moonless night in a lonely park bench a glass bottle is kept and a young man named KARAN is swinging, suddenly he gets a message from NAINA that she will be there in half an hour. Smiling, Karan understands that tonight everything is going as planned. Now looking suspiciously here and there another young man RAVI who looks frail, comes to the spot and is shocked to see that he is not alone here tonight. Slowly he sits on the adjacent swing and opens his bag. Inside he finds a heart shaped locket, greeting cards, etc. Then suddenly his eye catches the most shinning object – a knife. Karan notices his haunted face and shouts at him inquiring who he is and what work does he have at this point of time. Timidly Ravi closes his bag and does not speak; this angers Karan who warns him to leave the place immediately for his own good. But Ravi hesitates and sees Karan - a strong built handsome guy marching angrily towards him. Though Ravi knew he could not win over him he still remains ghostly faced unfazed by the threatening looks of Karan. He pleads him that he needs this place tonight to do the most important thing of his life! – To commit suicide.With this Karan is taken aback. He stares at him and walks back calmly to the bench, leaving Ravi confused for his silence.

Karan slowly lights a cigarette and with a cunning smile tells Ravi “It is absurd coincidence that tonight we both have same motive to fulfil here – DEATH!.. I came to murder someone”.
Ravi nervously looks into the cold eyes of Karan not understanding his last words properly and sits on the swing for him to explain. Karan after a few puffs looks straight at him and tells him “ I don’t care for what reason you want to die today, but looks like we both do not need each other’s company, so I have a solution to offer you.”

Wide eyed Ravi listens every word, somehow Karan’s voice commanded authority to which he was ready to give in. “let us both narrate our stories for the cause tonight, and at end who ever feels that the other person’s story is graver than his, shall leave this place without a word. So do we have a deal, huh?” Shocked at his coolness even at this situation Ravi is left with no choice but to accept. He takes a deep breath and begins his story –

“It all started two years back when I first saw SWAPNA for the first time at the beach. She was just like everyone else but had a unique charm and simplicity around her and a very beautiful face. I still remember her smile when she saw my frozen expression stunned at her beauty. I was a very shy guy till then, but overcame it after trying to woo her, do things that every other guy would try to do, mine only being more amateurish. Still after some time with my persistent efforts we became close and tried to understand each other well, and realized that we were made for each other. She instilled in me so much confidence and love that I became no more ‘just another stupid guy’ to ‘WOW, he’s got something’. I was sketching the canvas of my life beautifully, surrendering myself onto her and just the fact of living a single moment without her was something of an unknown entity.until….one day..
I received a phone call and was told that she was dead. I immediately rushed to her home and found out that her entire family has died in a car accident. I was completely broken down, I could not overcome her, but I never realised that it affected the people around me also. My life was shattered like a broken piece of glass that could never be mended. Slowly knowingly or unknowingly I went into a depression and had hallucinations of her all the time. It was the worst phase of my life because I saw her everywhere and she always told me only one thing “please become normal again Ravi, please become normal again..” but I could not. I knew I became a burden to all the people who loved me - my parents, my close friends, my relatives. So today after gathering all the courage I could, without guilt, I wanted to end my life, so no one is troubled by me again. My life without Swapna is just a body without soul.”

With tear filled eyes Ravi sat staring blankly at the stars in the moonless night sky…

Raj sat there still unperturbed, but his expressions reconciled. His face showed more gentleness now but he remained silent for a moment and began his story looking straight at the moist eyed Ravi without commenting anything of what he has heard till now,…
“My name is Karan. I hail from a very rich family and my father is a well noted business man here.
I am the only son, so from childhood I have grown up with extreme love, care, and loneliness..
I was always provided anything I ever wanted so I never knew what you could not get until, few months back I met NAINA. I have seen many girls before, but none like her. She had a magnetic pull so strong that the very mention of her name or presence would set my entire body into a resonating vibration. I have been completely smitten by her charm. But she was very smart and was never willing to fall for my traps, later I learned that she liked calm and simple boys, so I changed myself – a complete makeover. I dreamed of her all day and she became my breathing air without which, not even a second of my life would go on. One fine day I went to her and proposed in my most creative manner. But it did not impress her and she instantly rejected. I was very optimistic though, also a bit filmy and said that I had another day to look for tomorrow and could wait for years to win her love.
I tried again the next day, again the next day, again ,.. again,..again,…and again..But failed to realise that she was so stubborn to her word that her ‘no’ meant nothing is ever going to happen between us.

I could not see her going out or loving any other guy other than me at any cost, her rejection started to hurt me deeply so much, that I slowly unknowingly became possessive of her. I troubled her everywhere and tried to show her that I loved her more than anything else in this world, but she did not listen. She started to hate me terribly. Now I cannot bear her presence away from me anymore. So there was only one way that could stop her from being with someone else. Then she could be only mine..Only mine..”
His voice started to shiver, somewhere now he reminded Ravi of a wounded dog in pain.

“ So I tricked her to come here tonight and never ever disturb her again for fulfilling my last wish. I wanted to murder her with this acid bottle.”….

Now as fear started to creep into Ravi, he realised that tears began to fall from Karan’s eyes. They were shinning like droplets of dew under the starry sky light which told him that he was crying for the first time in his life, and he never knew this pain, or remorse.

“ All this time, all this time. I thought I was the true lover and what I was doing was nothing wrong until,…I met you today.” Ravi stared wide eyed at Karan. “You know something; today I am very jealous of you. I am just a namesake lover who is under the impression of extreme possessive love. I have no thing, no happiness, no sadness, no love, and even no memories.”

“You are a very lucky guy, you have beautiful memories and have found so much true love that even after she is dead you can still see her every day,..She is very caring and is looking after you each and every moment. She is dead outside but very much alive inside…if you die then you will be the person who would have killed her completely,..”

Ravi sat dumbstruck. The last words he heard hit him like a bullet piercing every inch of his heart that was left within. He could feel his heart beat heavily,.. keeping his hands on his heart and closing his eyes Ravi sat in silence. He saw Swapna standing in front of him with a gentle smile. All he heard was the loud smashing of a glass bottle and felt the cold breeze give him a fresh beginning to start all over again with courage...
He opened his eyes. Karan gave him a sly smile and walked away into an eerie silence. Ravi knew what that meant; even he could not stop blushing. Today they both understood a fact….

‘ Love is beautiful,
Life is more beautiful ’
May be that is why it is said
People don’t die just by killing them.


Ravi throws away the knife with this new feeling of courage, keeping his head held high.

He walks away singing the famous Robert Frost poem….
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep..

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