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Jun 29th, 2014 11:36 PM


Driving back home from Gurgaon, me and my mom had a small discussion about 'Family'. She told me how important a family is. It's a small word but it means a lot for human beings. A family is one which has made you what you are today. It supports and helps you when you are going through bad times. It is made up of the care and love of a mother, hard work and energy of a father, fun and fights with the siblings and the most important of all - the blessings of the elders. These things constitute a family.

A long discussion about it made me to understand its real importance. Family is something which only the fortunate ones get. They don't realize its importance until n unless they stay away from their family members. They fight with them, tell lies to them for money and property n do all the shitty things one could possibly imagine and ultimately hurt them. One day they will realize the importance of family members and by that time it will be too late to change the situation. You cannot change the past. They will regret for all the sins they would have committed towards their family members.

That's why respect and love your family members esp. your parents. Give them some time from your busy schedule. Talk to them, sit and discuss with them about your life and share things with them because they are the ones who will help you in every possible way and will never think bad of you.

Jun 25th, 2014 10:36 PM

This part of my life is called the INTERNSHIP.... Having to get up early, hitting the gym @ 5:30am, getting ready to catch the Delhi metro @ 9am n travelling 1 n half hr upto Vaishali is what it is these days. Though the travelling part takes off a lot of energy but it's worth spending it. I am working and learning with what's the predilection of my life. That is what keeps me going on. Even though i am a little obscure about what exactly i have to do to achieve what i want in life but i definitely know what my passion is. Following my passion is the only thing in my mind. Let there be a 1000 obstacles in achieving my ultimate goal, i am ready to face them. Spending those hours at the company learning about the state-of-the-art technology is one step ahead towards achieving what i want. Coming back home @ 6:30 pm with all the energy exhausted makes me to hit the bed immediately but i need to do it so badly. Life's good as of now and i hope it becomes better and better as the days pass.

Jun 21th, 2014 10:33 PM

Life is about ups and downs... You got to have the courage to face the difficulties and problems if you don't wanna be beaten down by life permanently. People either motivate us or discourage us. It's your choice to either listen to the motivators or the demotivators. Avoid those who suck the energy out of your life. Just cut them off. You don't have to be loved by everyone. Remember, people want to c u do good but not better than them. That is what i've learned. Friends start avoiding you once you start doing better than them in some field. Why to put a mask on the face and pretend to be a friend of someone you don't like. Just tell them on their faces that you don't like them so that you don't act whenever you are around them. Life can become so simpler and easier to live. Most of the complications in your life can be avoided by adopting this method.

Life is a lesson that can't be taught in schools or by books. Live it in every possible way. Do mistakes, fall down but get up again. The more you fall in life, the wiser you become coz falling teaches you lessons. Take falling down as a fuel to run your life to make it better but NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF.

Jun 21th, 2014 12:46 AM

I am new to writerbabu. I have read a few diaries and i found them quite interesting. I hope i will be able to express my thoughts n the events of my life articulately.

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