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Mar 22th, 2019 09:58 AM

Hey Moonji!

Belated wali happy holi 😁😁
and guess what? Yes Aapki moonchild played holi this year, sukhi holi gili bhi, gaane bhi lagaye dance bhi kia.. and socialize bhi kia thodi. And that is some amount of achievement for me.. lol!!

Arey btw ab bata deti hu Dumbolina got engaged before his father's death and still he remains to be weirdo coz he told me about his father's death pehle n uss din baat karte karte achanak se i got engaged before dad passed away. I said congratulations but he saves the drama all the time..
So he told btw vo aapki jaisi hai bilkul. I read the message and took a moment to register like kaeko bola aisa toh I read but did not reply coz anyway kya hi bologe aap. so he said I mean Thin bilkul. in next minute.

Well moonji 1 hi message me likh sakta tha, so I don't get him at all. I feel like telling him - you never fail to annoy me.

Khair apne ko kya, I am happy he is no more liscened to say any of this stuff. So no more annoyance and questions. I like this. πŸ˜›

Moonji. 4th book aagyi , going too good on my resolutionπŸ˜ƒ

Mar 18th, 2019 01:07 AM


Will this change ever?
Am I going to feel free of the baggage?
I don't know if I can but I want to bare my soul and I want to be free of bottling up. I know but it won't stop soon. Although I hope it does..

Bye! I need to sleep on it and everything will be fine next morning.

Mar 17th, 2019 11:39 PM


Funny thing.
I am falling on stairs and I am falling on road these days but I am not falling in love at all. πŸ˜›

Mar 14th, 2019 00:25 AM


I have seen way too many phases of relationships. And it's not a couple relationship.. I mean family but I have seen what happens if there is communication gap which is why I always say. Talking it out is the key, assumptions would only lead to misunderstanding.

Mar 08th, 2019 02:16 AM


Kuch kisse, kuch kahaniyan, kuch baatein dil ko chub jaate hai.
And not exactly in bad way but just aise jo bas, reh jaate hain dil me humesha ke lie..

Kabhi kabhi lagta hai ye chubhti betabiyan kash inn khuli hawaon me aazad kar paati. Par ye kash ki deeware karne hi nahi deti..

Na jaane kyu aaj ehsas hua hai, lagta hai jaise khair jaane do. Ye waqt nahi hai in sab baaton ko! Aur shayad mai alfazo me bayan nahi kar sakti iss ehsas ko, ya kya pata shayad inhe dil ke karib qaid karne ki itni aadat ho chali hai ki mai ehsas ko lafz nahi dena chahti..

Let me sleep over it, this feeling will go away :)

Mar 05th, 2019 01:13 AM

Hey Moonji :)

Mera 4th March chal raha hai, ab time ko ignore kardo.
Shivratri, I fasted like always. I went to a temple nearby this time fairly relatable the statues felt really nice :P

You know, Dumbolina texted today and I really don't like talking about him here you know he gets the privilege of entering my diary but anyway his father passed away and he happened to text khud se. Not sure why though.
Actually aap toh jaante ho apan toh dimag wale hai hi, I predicted this would have happened when I saw his dp changed on whatsapp while scrolling but I did not text of course because last time he out of idk what kind of offended me and pissed me off. This vibe is always weird about him.

Khair, then I was talking to another friend and he asked about office hours. I said today my shift is 2-2 so he was like baap re! I said no it is fine re, I got first-half free and bich me 2-hour break so he was like still.
I said mat bol, if I start feeling bad about it I will not be able to work with same enthu.

He said oh god! I asked alienatic response laga, he said yes of course. I said you should be used to it jitna janoge yahi bologe. Dusre gole se aayi hu. Bolta ha yaar tu alag prajati hai :P

Anjaana, see logon ko mai alien hi lagti hu bas humesha :(
Moonji, I am not that weird though but thodi eccentric hu that would be nicer word na ;)

I am a normal girl with a little bit of eccentricity like -
I love talking to the moon, like staying drunk on optimism the secret except for my health. I love having jam and rice, dark chocolate and shrikhand. I love speaking about national issues and have a huge interest in politics. Window shopping bores me to death. I scream and get angry while watching cricket matches, I also watch test matches btw. I cannot finish two burgers together or a pan pizza alone. But I can eat gol gappe and chaat at any time. I am a hardcore romantic girl yet I haven't had crushes in 23 years of my life, qki kabhi koi mila hi nahi. Also, my favorite story is Mahabharat. I love dancing but I am too bored to update my playlist so meri playlist me downloaded song bht purane hai and I mostly listen to song online and I am so lazy that I don't even download it.
I am too practical yet soft hearted emotional person, I cry in every movie in any sweet emotional scene even Indian tv series has made me cry sometimes like ya toh mai zada doob ke dekhti hu ya pagli hu ;)
Writing is my hobby but reading me bht lazy hu. Workaholic hu, Safai ka OCD hai mai Monica Geller hu minus chandler :P

Batao bhala kitni simple si ladki hu, achi bachi. Logon ko mai alien lagti kis angle se. Dhakkan dunia, khair chodo sannu kee!

Mai itteee dino baad aapse itniii sari baatein kari mujhe bohot acha laga moonji, I love you. I wish you were like a teddy mai aapko zor se hug kar leti. Ya mujhe hanuman ji jaisa hona tha to catch you :P

Acha ab chalti hu, byeee. Good night sweet dreams :)

Mar 1st, 2019 11:24 AM

Hey Moonji!

Friday is on my mind. I can't get over with watching news all day even in office our discussions are about that and my phone has google news on!

I want to focus on work but can't ;)

I want to write something but nahi ho raha.. Hash!
Let me do breakfast.

Feb 27th, 2019 00:48 AM

I have to save my last year's entry still.
Will do it this weekend or week.

Talking to my inner circle makes me feel really relaxed. I am grateful for having them.

I wanted to write about IAF strike but struggling to find words..

Thank you moonji for everything.

Feb 23th, 2019 9:32 PM

I came back on terrace.
Guess what I am listening?

Yeh Shaam Mastaani. Co-incidence last entry me bhi wahi sunne ke lie wrap up kari thi ;)

Moonji, ek gal dassu?
Mujhe na lagta hai, I will not be able to balance my aimbitious and family or relationships. Pata nahi chota sa darr hai zaruri nahi hai, aisa ho.

But yeah sometimes ho jata. Anjaana sambhal lega kya, I mean khair chodo?

Iss baras tujhe kaafi yaad kar rahi hu, bas lag nahi raha aap dastak denge 🀣

Khair enough of you! Bye.. Ab mera n moonji ka baatein karne ka time hai.

I met Angie and her mom today and did a lot of shopping. Lol! Sach me zada thi mere hisab se but satisfactory bhi 😁

Khair Bbye! Let me enjoy hawayein :)

Feb 19th, 2019 8:55 PM

Hey Moonji!

Look at you so beautiful.
I needed to feel these cold winds and your light.

I am having a Dinner break from my shift but I decided to eat fast and come up as it was full moon.

It feels amazing - Ye Raat, hawayein, purani gaane. Are time to listen yeh shaam mastaani.


Feb 19th, 2019 00:45 AM

Hey Moonji :)

The performance was a really good experience, I wouldn't say flawless but it was great for a start. I realized how people consider Art is worship. Work is worship and no doubt they are so good at it.

I don't do justice to my art, I felt that way :)

Khair, It was a busy month. I will not find time for myself but I finished a book this month and I already started another isn't it really good?

I promise you moonji, I will do better with myself that last year and I will let go of anything that will hold me back.

Also, Next month se have to start working on the blog and studying.

Abi ke lie, kal I will leave office early and then I will do moon gazing 1 ghante ka unplug no matter what.

For now, ninni aari, Bye :D
I love you and Thank you for all that I have right now and I will have later as well ;)

Feb 16th, 2019 11:36 PM


Tomorrow I would be performing on stage live with musicians and mridangam artist.

It is a big achievement - me and sissy independently began a hobby class now we are reaching a milestone and managing entire function without mommies that is achievement too.

Nervous not so much, first I was worried because it will be my third day. Then today was rehersal and even though second day so had no cramps so all good. Prepared and excited.

And guess what? Chotu is coming and it means so much. Earlier I was feeling ghar hota toh mummy log aate ye vo and yaha hai toh we dont even have people jinko apne bolo n aajayenge.

But he told he will come without me expressing all of the above and he said apne ni aayenge toh kon aayega.

It really means a lot! He is too sweet and maybe I am not that good he is better than me in our sibling relationship :)

Chalo ab ritual. Thank you universe for this awesome, effortless performance with good expressions. I am so grateful I did well :)

Feb 14th, 2019 00:08 AM

Happy Valentine's Moonji ;)

Lol I just told labelled days are overrated in last entry but I did not mean that there is no point celebrating a day in the name of love.

So, I wanted to do shubharambh on valentine's day by posting the write up on instagram but I had a busy day and I am having a bad headache.

So I can't. But guess the good part of today? Yuss. Got a walk to remember book.β™₯️ Too excited to read it.

I have some other things to talk about.
but will talk later πŸ˜†
headache n busy day tomorrow as well.

See you :)

Feb 13th, 2019 01:38 AM

"Devil is in the detail."

Completed reading Brida today. Iss hisab se I can finish 12 books in 12 months πŸ˜†

We had first final rehersal with live music and mridangam artist today.
Oh Moonji It was really good. I felt so grateful to myself for embracing this opportunity. And of course grateful towards universe.

It was not great, lot to be improved but it will fall in place. I will sleep now I have early morning class.

Bbye, Good night :)

Feb 10th, 2019 00:16 AM

Hey Moonji :)

Do you see the difference? I haven't talked or wished to anjaana since the week began.

You know what I feel the love with labels is so overrated and so overrated are these days, I mean it's okay to gift token in the name of the week but actually validating your love based on these labelled days is so awful mostly teenagers do this, know a few of them but you know what I have realized is love is not about validation but acceptance of each other.

That is how relationships are build and compatibility is improvised else how do you think the story of our parents, grandparents survive.

The definition of love has been changing for me from so many years now, it is like evolving rather than changing, getting matured maybe :)

Khair, I have other issues we need to talk about but will address them later not now, not today :)

Feb 08th, 2019 11:44 PM


Ima confused?
and Ima sick of people telling me ae kya ajib, abnormal hai tu -_-
anyway, dance function is nearing by, I am starting to do better and I am soo happy :)

Feb 07th, 2019 00:21 AM

Doing fine but still some broken promises stand looking me into eye saying, you really can do better.

What are those promises?
- writing something or penning a thought each day on something.
- Having a healthy proper diet.
- Making habits convert to lifestyle and this requires practising self discipline.
- not regularly learning.

Anyway, too sleepy now.
Lets see if I can read a page or two before dozing off.

Bye :)

Feb 04th, 2019 11:35 PM


I had no monday blues because I was too busy discussing vicky kaushal with the girl gang!

Ab kya kare :P
Jaadu Sara uniform ka hai, fr Bhi when Mumma asked me about they finding someone from such backgrounds, I said I don't think, I have the courage to be that woman who takes all of this. Because it is difficult and having to live with that fear which I already dread that I get nightmares of my family members all the time being there. So we laughed it off but I really respect the soldiers and especially their homies.

Let me write something on it :)

Feb 3rd, 2019 11:34 PM

Hello Moonji!

Kaise ho aap?
Aaj Maine 6-7 months baad YJHD dekhi.
Chahe hum halaton ke lie kitna hi badal jaaye, dil toh tab bhi waise hi hota hai.

I am fine, busy, practicing dance and started a new page.
To let go of a dream and then start something again with same hopes is good but always something that should be remembered. Take the lessons don't forget them.

Oh! If ever I get to be a published author, kay you will have your name in that book, I am very certain of it.

Acha now he has put a thought in the head, let me think on it.
Flow break hogya sorry :D

Buenas noches :P

Feb 2nd, 2019 01:15 AM


When someone judges me to be weird, silly, abnormal.

I smile and speak 'I know'

Sometimes it does create a question, but then I realize it isnt worth it.

Sleepy, gtg bye.

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