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Mar 19th, 2018 10:27 PM

Hey Moonji

Yesterday I could not write the diary?
Why?? Well because it was a day with an awesome match.
A nail-biting, capable of giving heart attack match. I was so thrilled to end Sunday on a good note.

I also had a conference call with tom n Jerry, probably the tom will be reading the diary and laughing, but yes talking to them I feel that so they are officially nick-named tom and jerry :P

You know it was Monday today and Monday blues were swiped away because of the match. Also had a fun morning saw some dance videos and thought I should really start or join a hobby class. There is something in the day we should do for ourselves.

Writing diary is something I'll do now, some days will be missed and it's okay. I'm gonna come back to you anyway :)

About today's work, well it's gonna be long week with tedious work but I ain't feeling bad. I feel good because I'm learning all cases that is good for debugging and fixing.

Acha now see ya :)

Good night sweet dreams. I don't wanna talk much to anyone today like the peace in here.

Mar 18th, 2018 00:33 AM

Hey Moonji,

I finished watching grey's anatomyS14 E15.
It was titled "Old Scars, Future Hearts".

This episode touched my heart in many ways.
I am a simple girl having a simple life and maybe the most chaotic heart. I have my baggage, I have my craziness, I had my crisis of faith, I have believed in so much and then so less. I was the naive teenager who thought I could change the world that functions around me and now I learned as an adult I can have my beliefs but cannot change anything, I can sure pass down my beliefs to the generation coming ahead. I have so much in my heart and I find it difficult to put everything in words to tell the tale to people I meet or are close to me. There are things people know and there are things they don't, I am just not that person who opens out all the things I take my own time.

(There was a little call break and now I will try to connect in the same way I was trying to earlier)

So Richard telling Meredith - You cannot undo the legacy of your mother when she is not here to defend her side of the story.

April realizing crisis of faith doesn't mean she gave up believing it's just she got in a fight with God because she had to eat crap sandwiches all the time. It reminds me of the time I felt hollow and no hope, and I smile now remembering how I stood up and it makes me proud.

Maggie and Jackson talking - how sweetly they realized and both undone got done :P I have my crazy weird world. I do kinds of stuff that people are sure to call crazy but the fact is crazy is not silly, it's keeping the child in you alive until somebody who necessarily may not share craziness but will understand it at least.

My craziest thing according to the world is that I talk to you, But I cannot tell how peaceful it feels. How peaceful is to give away all my chaos watching the calm and peace in you.

Jo - When she says I felt I wasn't capable of being loved, but with you alex I feel home. That feeling of home, I can imagine that.

I love you Moonji, I know I won't have the crisis of faith with you. I hope I always keep believing in the shine you spread.

I'm sleepy, I have nothing more to say. It's hindu new year moonji :)
Happy New Year Moonji! Cheers Hope you get me increment this month :P And of course other good things too XD
Good Night, Sweet dreams take care :)

Mar 16th, 2018 11:57 PM

Hi Moonji

I had a good chilled day today, I worked less and then it rained heavily very heavily here that was the best part and entire day was good.

I regret sometimes things I say I felt terribly bad for pointing something to kaustubh regarding his diary. As a result he deleted the entry. It is pathetic that because of my relations with others he cannot be true in his opinions. I hate this fact and now I realise he may respect me for others but I think I was the major reason for his saturation point regarding page. We all took him for granted I guess. I should have not said anything regarding diary, diary should make one feel liberal. By pointing that I made him feel controlled and like one among many other things I’ll not be proud for or happy about 😖.

Anyway, Apart from that I had a good day. I posted content as well.

Aaj me and sissy had a little celebration in terms of food.

Baki all good! Good Night Sweet Dreams take care 😄

Mar 16th, 2018 00:12 AM

Hey Moonji :)

A guy asked me today - So you seriously talk to the moon? Do you take drugs at that time also?

And I replied laughing Nope, I do that in complete sanity and I don't need drugs to do crazy kinds of stuff :P Haven't you realized by now.

Also yesterday the same guy told crushes are random, You might have had n not realized. I wanted to say never it happened, nobody clicked because they never bothered to dive inside and surficial isn't my league.

It was a good day at work, I have started to gain confidence a bit.
I will try studying soon, things are getting clear.

I will have to follow Rhonda Bryne's teachings in the matter of health not here though will buy a notebook.

So it was a good day! Regarding the page, we'll discuss later someday.

I have been doing good 1-week se regular in posting. I like it.
Good night, sweet dreams take care :D

Mar 14th, 2018 11:58 PM

Hello Srijan Sir,

Please fix this shared with friends bug soon :(

Moonchild :P

Mar 14th, 2018 11:49 PM

Yesterday my promise was broken.

Koi ni moonji aap toh apne ho sab samjhte ho.
Kal had too many things on plate - Met kshitiz it was good, Talked to Angelina and kaustubh dono after a long time.
Aaj ka din was rollercoaster ke jaise niche jaate jaate upar gaya.

I had a talk with kaustubh when my mind was chaotic in the morning.
Then he asked me few questions and while giving him answers I found my answers.

I wanna be a valued employee, at my company.
And for that, I have only a year to learn. All my teammates at my workplace are only 1 year senior to me. They have knowledge because they have learned fast. It's not a humongous task to surpass them or atleast be at par with them. Had it been a MNC being valued employee would have been a big task and almost impossible and time taking.

I have to believe that I'm talented enough and I have to be confident. which I haven't felt lately at work because I was learner. I will be confident when I study.

Regarding higher studies well it'll come in some time, Ghar jaate tak I have time to think and ask about it to Masi. We'll decide then.

I got my answers today and I gained a little confidence today or else I thought, I am in the middle of early-20 crisis :P

anyway had a good day posted on Stephen Hawkings and I'm becoming player these days, precisely to be a team player you have to a smart player.

Anyway good night now Moonji :)

Mar 12th, 2018 11:59 PM

Hi Moonji,

Long time no see ;)

I had a lousy morning (Because I slept late yesterday night after a lot of laughing and going through old entries with Kaustubh on the call we are most velle brother-sister)
and an afternoon we'll leave this out because I'm following the power.
and then a good evening as I completed my task.

Then gharwalo se baat and thoda sa lecture and uspe nidhi ke saath discussion. 4 days of consistent posting on page and I'm going good. I just have to start studying.

I don't enjoy this job as much as I thought I'll but I'm not leaving this either till I hit that benchmark that I have set for myself.
So I'm gonna have troublesome days and stupid jerks annoying me but I'll not regret it I'll tolerate and learn. Because I'm in it to win it.

So the best thing about today - I completed task given in 1 day and as expected by the boss.

So yeah will have good night too sweet dreams moonji take care and I love you :D

I'll be writing to you daily now onwards and I know I said it so many times but this time I'll really stick to my words :)

Feb 26th, 2018 12:19 AM

Well moonji

I saw someone's dp and oh god those words coming from ashutosh is so surprising, Time does teaches a lot of lessons.

Well something is started to dawn at me, I miss having a person these days. Or my person I wish dharmika was in the same city.

I gotta work, I'll talk to you later.

Feb 17th, 2018 4:32 PM

Hey Moonji here to write a special excerpt from future.

It will be a long road, A day with beautiful weather in sync with our moods. And you'll be driving and I'll be looking outside the window letting the winds kiss my face.

The music would be our favorite Westlife playlist.

And as we reach a silent place away from the chaos of the city.
You would smile and go down.

You'll not choose typical words, but you'll say 'I wanna grow old with you' and I would say will be my honour. This is what I have been waiting for always and forever. *_*

(A still from future with Anjaana)

Feb 13th, 2018 10:50 PM

Hey, Moonji well something happened and I am surprised and hurt would be a big word but I realized expectations are sometimes surprising.

I hope to digest it and let it go, I mean I have to rise above these things to be a better person and wise person.

So yeah let it go, I'll enjoy match :)
Although I'm not able to let go but koi na thik ho jayega thodi der me.

Feb 10th, 2018 11:00 PM


Tell me moonji was this your trick so that I could start talking to you again, even if it was that way I am impressed. You almost made me hit the rock bottom after so long time.

Anyway let's talk about the day, Well woke up completed chores, self grooming then had yipee noodles for lunch. I worked little bit.

I talked to kaustu and angelina thoda sa, with chotu thoda and even with Nihu thoda sa. Sagar se aajkal daily baat ho jaati.
An old friend of mine from school days when I was in Maharashtra we got connected last year in april.

I am lisetning to Rehna Tu, A.R Rahman songs are love :)
Now it's niall horan's slow hands, this is a song you'll never get bored.

I'm going to write story for nikita singh's prompt because I'm relating to it. And moreover I wanna feel me again.

I'll be reading book in sometime so conversation will be short and moonji today's match dhawan played so good.

This IPL season I'm gonna watch a match that is for sure :)

Tomorrow it's shopping day, valentine week is going on and I have treated myself pretty bad in sometime. So I'm gonna pamper myself..
Bournville khayi thi yesterday and tomorrow time to gift a teddy to myself. I wanted it from long time.

You know I read my article again, "Who's is dictacting your happiness?" So moonji time to work on what I wrote and believed once.

Acha good night match chalu hogya hoga toh vo dekhti warna book padhti :)
Bye I love you and I'll try to be regular :)

Feb 08th, 2018 3:57 PM

Hey Moonji

So what about the reason.
The heart still feels the way it has to,
I hope I'll be okay.

Because whatever heart is thinking isn't reasonable.
and the suffocation I'm feeling is also not valid.

These are choices I made, Roads I walked and danced.
Now I can't feel this sudden detachment.

It doesn't work like this, nor should I quit.
I need to love the things I'm doing.
and why don't I think if this was a relationship
I wouldn't have given up so easily.

This is so not me.
Well I really should write to you, I'll be cynical soon or else.

Feb 07th, 2018 1:19 PM


Anjaana sorry to turn my back on you for a while.
But it's valentine's week.
So hey love let roses shower on our careers until we meet to explode the chemistry ;) :)

Once and then always and forever.

Feb 05th, 2018 10:53 AM

Good Morning.

Enough said, Let's just be back to the same old girl I was before negativity found a little gap and crept in.

Day 1 - Count 10 Blessings today and for next 27 days.

1) I am grateful now that I have this well paid job with full opportunity of growth.
2) I am grateful now that I am in a new city which is full of positive vibes and good facilities and safe.
3) I am grateful now that I have so good salary and I am working hard to get an increment in next 2 months.
4) I am grateful now that I have grown as a person, I'm grateful that I'm wiser.
5) I am grateful that I have parents who trust me and believe in me.
6) I am grateful to have Nidhi my another half to get through every day.
7) I am grateful now that I'm living in perfect luxury with all facilities at ease in my nearby area.
8) I am grateful now that I stay away from home yet I get such good breakfast and dinner.
9) I am grateful for the knowledge I have gained in 6 months.
10) I am grateful that I could become a little braver to survive the new things of an independent life.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Universe.

Feb 1st, 2018 3:06 PM

WTF Man, like how much do you want to test my patience. How much.. Okay this is not funny anymore moonji I'm suffering this is fucking torture.. I wanna bang their heads on wall, I wanna say go die you fucking morons. I am not calm and this is not easy.

Why okay this is my karma, my law of attraction but such mannerless dumbfucks, idk what yaar just they are driving me crazy and my work is my least concern right now.

Yaar kya laga rakha hai, Saale gawar ek side.. vo harami baiju bawra alag side mai uski izzat ka janaza nikal dungi. I mean yaar what do you want me to do..

Let me breathe yaar this is a new year and entire month has passed and I have not been good.. This is not how year has to go on please I beg you moonji stop it, please stop it. I can't take it anymore.. I just can't and I'm tired of being patient.

Jan 31th, 2018 11:13 AM

Well Happy Birthday Papa :)
Nothing more to say, things do become colder huh? :P

Jan 29th, 2018 10:52 AM


I got to hear from an old friend who talked after long time. He said - "You are starightforward and little bit khadus not with people you are friends with.. but general nature sense."

Moonji your moonchild has come a long way, from being generous overly kind to the starightforward blunt girl. I somehow don't regret the change. You know there is a lot going on in my head these days and I've been dealing with special chutiyap and yeah that's my word these days..

I'm just ok.. but to be good I need optimism dose I need that book, I'll order on 31st.

Well I'm in office so see you later :)

Jan 22th, 2018 11:21 AM


So somebody texted last night, well people do change but do their vibes or aura or basic nature changes as well?
Is it possible and it's just a curious thought that has always crossed my mind whenever I meet someone after long time.

Afterall Change is only constant in the game called life.

Jan 18th, 2018 5:57 PM


I was listening to all my colleagues talking about languages n technology they are learning but it didn’t interest me at all.

But my page interests me a lot. I grew over the time I believed I fell in love with this field I mean I did but life is not this, I have to keep learning but I don’t feel like learning although I feel like doing marketing of my page, reading books, conversing.

Reality hits baby, Compromise is also a choice. I have to keep things parallel. I cannot choose one atleast now is not the right time. I don’t know if ever it will be.

But to survive I have to run, I have to learn but I don’t have the motivation because my sane mind says stick here focus here but my heart has always been in my passion.

Oh my god Moonji I never realised this getting here was my goal, I finished it n my heart craves for my first love, writing.

Oh fuck this cannot happen, I committed to engineering I cannot allow myself to feel that writing is perfect for me because it is not it will only satisfy my passion not enough to earn bread😦🤭

I shouldn’t be thinking about it. Bye!

Jan 15th, 2018 3:54 PM

load balancing beam, It may look interesting but it's tedious to play that pivotal role.

And IDK when the fuck will I learn to not look for all answers all the time.

Well seen the shades already too much shallow is a problem and too much of depth is also a problem.

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