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Shamili shah 's Diary

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16 years old, Female, Hyderabad

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Nov 26th, 2013 11:51 PM

MY LOVE STORY :( right from my childhood I was a girl of simple views who always wanted love. I'm like crazy about love and eagerly awaited for that moment to happen. One day I came to meet a guy through chatting. He is like a cool dude. One day he proposed me. And as I was always eager to know how it feels like'to be in love! I accepted but I didn't like that experience coz I know that I never liked him soo eventually we broke up. And that's like happy ending. And after a year I met a guy in my examination centre his name is JEETENDRA. he is an awesome guy and on last day of my exam he asked my number. Iliked him then but I don't know why I didn't give him my no. And from that day onwards I regretted.......... I began to look for him on the streets and I even went to his school but I never saw him. And finally with the help of my friend I was able to get his no. And from that day onwards I called him everyday and we used to have sweet fights. I don't know when it happened but I was in love with him finally. I even neglected my studies thinking of him. There was not even a day that I didn't thought of him and not even a dream I dreamt without him. But I have to admit we talked childishly. And I know that he was not matured. But still I loved him. And everything was perfect until he began to call me his SISTER. its ridiculous right. To be called as sister and that too by the guy whom you've loved most. Nd now my heart is broken. It would have been alright if he didn't loved me but he feels me as his sister. Really I'm stupid and childish.people may doubt that he may look good and I wasn't. But to tell the fact he is not atall handsome. I LOVED HIM ONLY FOR THE WAY HE TALKED WITH ME. Wht I want to conclude is love is just a nonsense and a stupid feeling.

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