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Sep 11th, 2012 2:25 PM

So , once again m here.. nothing new in my personal life to discuss.

Yesterday, when I was going through the newspaper, I saw a young cartoonist arrested for sedition and making mockery of our national symbols. Sad but true, but think this was a kind of aggression that youth felt for the government. Later, we get to know that the guy was cartoonist for IAC team of Anna Hazare.. I wonder at times what kind of picture are we portraying in front of other countries? There is a team which which is trying to show mirror to our government, and our government is punishing them rather than taking an action against those who are actually the culprits in various scams and other crimes. Strange but true.!!!
anyways, there's government to decide for all this and we are here to decide our government.... Lets see what comes next...


Sep 10th, 2012 3:30 PM

i never knew i m going to write a diary. Always wanted to scribble something or the other ... never actually got a chance though. But is it really possible for someone to express everything in words? Some feelings have no words to express.. Anyways... getting too philosophical..

About me , I am a 29 years old married woman soon.. to be 30! Mother of a beautiful daughter and wife of a loving husband. But still i want something more from my life. what? Identity..
apart from being a mother and a wife.. m a woman .. who has her own aspirations and ambitions. i was a working girl, before marriage. But after marriage, i had to fulfill my commitment towards my "new family" and take care of their "expectations". So had to compromise on my front. But just now, a thought ; somewhere as they were new for me, i was also new for them. Then why did nobody thought of me and my expectations? Just a thought..

But now after 3 years... i want a space for myself. I want to grow as an individual. I want people to know me by my name, as they had known me before my marriage..not by a salutation of Mrs. XYZ..

anyways I have just started my new journey..... as an individual..
lets c where it goes..
and by the way, this diary writing is interesting.. im loving it... its fun


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