Spark The Dog's Diary

Spark The Dog's Diary

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Male, Bow Bow Colony

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Dec 10th, 2015 4:40 PM

Hi Human Beings. I’m Spark. A German shepherd. I’m black, gray and brown in color. And I have white paws. I know..that is a little uncommon. But yes, that’s me. Spark. Hi again!

I stay at Bow Bow Colony, along with my master Joe.

My life is nice and quite peaceful. Actually these days its great! A new family has shifted to the house opposite to mine. ‘Sunshine’ is a part of this family. She is a white Pomeranian, with silky fur. She would be apt for the ‘Ruf Ruf Bow Wow’ Shampoo ad. She moved in to the opposite apartment last month. A musical bark, a graceful tail wag. Everything about her is beautiful! She isn’t like the others. There is something different and unique about her. Ok…I admit it. I’m in love. I love Sunshine. I wish to start a family with her some day. She is tiny compared to me. Yes I know that. But how does that matter when it comes to matters of the heart.

Oh so now you are laughing.?! You find my recent confession very amusing I guess. You must be thinking..a dog is speaking about love! Like.. Seriously?! But you know what? Never mind! Why try to explain something that doesn't have any explanation according to you.

So how does a typical day in my life start? Well, the birds on the tree outside my house chirp, sing, shout; whatever it is you human beings say they do to communicate with the world. This does get quite loud and it does the job of my alarm clock. I then shout out a 'Good morning' to let the world (and especially Joe) know that I am awake. The 'Good Morning' is conveyed in my language; not in yours. OK so now you must be thinking what does 'Good Morning' sound in my language. Well.. It's not that complicated. It's just 'Bow Bow' (repeat as many times as you can, and your message shall be conveyed successfully.) If you want to add a musical touch, then add 'Oooooooo', and the 'Good Morning' becomes musical! After hearing a lot of my 'Good Morning' wishes, Joe takes me out for my morning walk. This walk is especially important for me. I don't need to go into detail. Am sure you can understand.

Once I'm home after the walk, it's time for breakfast. Pedigree. Ya lots of it; and milk. If I had an option, I would have preferred the good old home made food. Rice, chicken, soup. But Joe, like most of the other members of your species, is busy. So may be I’ll just have to adjust with Pedigree for the time being.

Its usually during my breakfast time that my sweetheart wakes up and greets the world. My Sunshine. I can then consider that my day has started. Sunshine likes to wake up late. You ask me how I know? Oh.. I know a lot about her. She hasn't told me. But I've observed. Ya that’s what happens when you are in love. I am not sure if she has ever noticed me. I guess she has. I at least hope she has.

Sunshine doesn’t bark much. She is the dreamy kind. She looks out of her balcony, staring at the milk shop on the road near by. I don’t know what is so amusing about the shop. If we ever bark (speak), I will surely ask her this.

Most of my day goes off with me dozing off. I take a lot of small naps. Well, what other option do I have? I do get up to have my mid day snacks. And oh yes! the annoying loud neighbor below my house wakes me up many times. The TV is always kept switched on in that house. It’s like free entertainment for me. But I wish I had less entertainment. I wonder what human beings find so interesting about sitting in front of a box for such a long time, when there is such a beautiful world around for them to see. May be my dogy brain won’t understand the underlying theory. Let me not attempt to also.

Ok. So a little about my dreams. Hey! There you are laughing again! So you think I don’t have dreams? Well, we all do. Dreams are what keep life going. Now, you must be thinking about what my dreams are. Some of them..well...I won’t tell you. But yes, there are a few I don’t mind sharing. So here is the list. The Bhow Dream Dairy:

1) To get a job in the Dog Squad of the Army or the Police. Wow! Now that would be so cool! I wouldn't have a boring life then. Sunshine would be impressed :)

2) To visit the best doggy spa in the city. Don’t think Joe would agree to this one.

3) To buy the latest branded doggy tee shirt. The black one looks awesome!

4) To tell Sunshine how I feel; and hopefully be able to spend the rest of my life with her! To watch 101 Dalmatians with her; to travel the world with her! to try out new varieties of doggy food with her; to bark with her; to hear her bark; to watch her fall asleep.

So now that i’ve told you about my dreams, I do hope you have stopped laughing at me!

Oh its evening now. And I hear Joe’s voice! It’s time for my evening walk. So I think that’s it for now. I hope we continue to have more conversations in future, that would help your species understand me better! And ya.. please tell your people to stop bursting crackers! Its a humble request from the 'Dogy Federation'. I know it’s a little off topic here, but seriously! Our ears are really sensitive. We hear sounds at twenty times the intensity that you do! So you can imagine what we go through.

Ok people! It was nice talking to you! Time for the 'Bow Bow Walk'. And please pray that I do see Sunshine during my evening walk! :)

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