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Apr 29th, 2015 7:37 PM

What else do we all anticipate when all we do is just to sit on the porch with pots filled marijuana in our mouth??

Nothing- would be the best answer at the spur of the moment.
Your head spins; eye balls red-dens, teeth starts to clatter if its just cold enough. Your thoughts tries to push the limits. However your body denies its existence. You'll probably stare at objects more than just its required. There's even higher possibility that one might want to scribble a stupid note resembling the lost mind of a stoner Quoting " Just trying to fit myself in the social world through the media that promises to interact without any bias"

Apr 29th, 2015 6:52 PM

'FREE' and 'NEW' are two marvelous terms enough to pump considerable amount of adrenaline in our veins. And why not most of us would care to hear or read it anywhere. Could it be in a magazine, possibly a poster outside any showroom- 'NEW ARRIVALS' Gets our attention.

Such was the recent case while i was browsing an online shopping site. My eyes laid on at an apparel labelled 'FREE FANCY MUG'.
It was a t-shirt with coloured graphics and Yes, they were giving away free fancy mugs with each buy. With no hesitation i placed the order in a jiffy besides it was a cool tee. Proving once again humans whatsoever shall never fail to observe the two most influential terms 'FREE' and 'NEW' in this new age_ *Smfh

Apr 26th, 2015 8:57 PM

Never apologised for being feminine side???

Pink colour might not be conforming to your taste unlike my sister.
Or you might not shriek upon spiders which in most cases she does.
Pout-face selfies* could appear more in particular(feminine) for you.
However, theres no denying the fact; You did cried like one when she ♥♥ eventually left you alone and gone.

Admit that shit.

Apr 26th, 2015 3:51 PM

Writing was never been my cup of tea, unless ofcourse i was appearing for the board exams. However, i never failed to applaud the lucid writers in the meantime. And Yes, i do enjoy reading and after which i'd probably be like:
"Waoo! That guy just nailed it. It was all there and none actually thought of it"
Might be some are born for it; others they just ought to learn the three R's : Reading,Writing,Arithmetic to make it happen.

Apr 25th, 2015 4:08 PM

How many of us gets a second chance and how often and how bad is that we want one?
How many of us have even infact had given a second chance should be my relevant statement?
Not everyone gets or willing to take chance/risk involved in giving one, not especially for the person who had gone through so much after the first.
Meanwhile we're so busy and selfish that we don't want to hurt ourself again and lack that insight even to weight the value of relationship with the concerned person.
Why should we give them?
We don't need to bother.
Who are they to us?
We don't know them.
Do you want a second chance for yourself?

Apr 25th, 2015 01:41 AM

Hie! How are we all today? Let me get this straight 'Do they allow stoners post in here'? Scrap me out from the smart writers(the way they choose words with wise and able to put forward their views) certains their skills for expression; but as words can be meagre things which in my case it seems. Shall try to fig. and post more in days to come;signing off.

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