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May 29th, 2013 9:20 PM

29 may

First entry of the diary so i wanted to start as a fresh page without mentioning about the past and she is my past.

A day before Mom and Dad had a discussion like always and i took a decision long time before that there will be no marriage and girlfriend in my life because these are a waste of time nowadays.

5 AM - Weekdays waking time
Back to normal after a light fever for 3 days.

AS usual got ready for work. At work it is much more better week that last one. Today's lunch at work we had rice, lentils and soybean curry and the dessert is same everyday loud and crazy laughter with company of funny friends.

16:00 - Work over for today
Going back to home

In the van a girl ( who i estimated like a friend, a big sister )
talked to me for the first time she asked me if i would like to have a piece of cake but i didn't want to have it at that time what i felt nice is that she talked to me.

16:30- Home sweet Home

Like every weekdays i switched on my PC and let the SUPERNATURAL shows download SEASON 8 Complete 3.00 GB 71% done.

Then i had dinner with my brother

MENU- Fish fillets curry
fried potatoes
Coriander chutney
Dal - Indian word (yellow peas curry)
Luncheon meat

After that got to sleep a exactly 20:30 and let the tomorrow come and be better.

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