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Nov 17th, 2013 2:02 PM

Helloo ladies and the gentlemaaan!
Here m back after months. I know i know u didn't miss me, neither did u notice my inconspicuous absence, but then i wud like to believe u did (: so awww, here m back B-)
Life is going all fine, yeah sort of! Its time for exams! aand i don't feel like studying at all, there are so many distractions around. On the top of it, i have pledged myself to top the university! So unrealistic aim i build up! I DO NOT STUDYY! how can one top sans studying. Plus this holy crap of thinking too much! Why o' why. Why do i over exaggerate the things?! Why do i go into the intricate details of matters when i know people don't give a damn! Hush! Old habits die hard.

But the good thing over this period is- I ve grown over him, yessss kind off!! After sulking for too long now. Missing those moments, being guilt bound, i ve cut those throttling ropes around my well being. I abhore that period now. Sooo good :) I am happy in the present phase. The only thing that lack is 'the happy go lucky' attitude. May that tide of change come too, and relieve me off unwanted stress i welcome in my life. Amen Joining hands and touching the forehead with eyes closed (Suchaa goody girl i am ^_^)
Saiyoo naraa! Hand stretched and waiving in the air

Jul 3rd, 2013 11:41 AM

writing soothes you. gives you key to unlock the deepest thoughts and reading liberates you in the same way!
sm articles here gives to think, to dream, to aspire for best. sm soothes you up, aah! ek hum pagal ek tum pagal aao raat ko pagal karde, kavi tum pagal hoo. hatts off Arak Vatsu for creating the masterpieces! and then the one on the difficulty to create a masterpiece. how well it ended! how it quenced my thirst for reading something which gave answers to my deep rooted questions!

crux of the story- as much writing gives us joy, reading, appreciating others is equally satiating! (:

PS: i have discovered my lady hitler do have a heart of gold! people aren't as bad as we may assume they are! but what's more disheartening is now i ve to chuck out my plan to write a post highlighting her devious thoughts! i dont see her like that now. :'(

PPS: i am writing this sitting adjacent to her :D
she knows my laptop shows a screen no where related to my work! and though that frustration reflects on her face, she hasn't uttered a word. aaaand gentleman before you judge me let me clarify she hasn't assigned me any work for today nor is she letting me leave. hitler characteristics back into play!

thats all for today! i am craving to wrte smthing creative. might post a post if the mind corporates with the heart, for there are so mannnny distractions around.

saiyoo nara (:

Jun 27th, 2013 8:50 PM

Yes God listened my plea. i am being thwarted with an intership! Hell boring, the boss never appreciates! She is the lady hitler i ve met in my life. "Ye tu theek lag rha hai, still i need to make changes" why o' why?! Is appreciating others so difficult? would it burn less calories wen u'll say "naah" than "waah". Apart from office, this happens everywhere! recently on wb two posts were competing. i just happened to see mine on 4th position and another on 3rd with a unit difference. reading that i was tempted to poll "hats off" but then this calculative mind made me give it another thought. i ll give her another bonus points!! why?! but at last i could resist that devious thought! i know we all are humans, we have our grey side!

Anyways it was a tiring day! retiring for today!
saiyoo nara

Jun 08th, 2013 10:28 PM

Aaaand i didn't live upto my word!! Meeting you after a looong time! I have missed writing, i so crave to write something anything but the mind is blank! Yes , dont they say 'A idle mind is a devil's workshop'. I am hell bored in these holidays, want to do an intership but alas! bad luck! Hush! there is nothing to do. But what prompted me to write today was an article i read on this site, "Don't consider yourself guilty unless you haven't done something fishy" Yes something like that ;). Awesome!! So rightly said ! Even a criminal adores himself! Why not we?! "Oh my my, he hasn't replied me till yet. Sigh! :( " Why worrying over such petty things! Respect yourself :) yes its difficult, we all seek approval from others! Still we can try, can't we. We ll have people respecting us for our genuine-ty. ( i doubt if this word exits :/ ) Fakeness is in vogue, be the rare species ;)

Okay i felt great. Writing is indeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed good. A perfect medium to express the feelings heart behold for long!

Saiyoo Nara

Signing with a pledge to be regular in scribbling the nitty gritty of my life. Nite nite !!

Jan 19th, 2013 11:02 PM

Hi diary :)

MY first softcopy diary though i ve filled 2 of ur copies already in previous years. Typing now seems fun. Accha, back to business it was a lovely day, beter than how previous ones were going, though weather didn't complement it today. A sunny day it was :(
Anyways the day was spent shopping with a dear friend, its rightly said old is gold! I love you Archie!:)

Moreover i was relieved to know he hasn't contacted her yet , Mr. Y, a nonsense chap. Though i love and admire her, i feel jealous to think both of them together. You see i too have a grey side!
all in all a satiating day. praise do wonders, a touching comment on an article has done its bit too to make this day!:)
Saiyo nara, hoping to meet you soon!

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