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The next big thing's diary's Diary

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The anger, the frustration the sadness, mixed with awesomeness.

15 years old, Male, Mumbai

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Nov 08th, 2012 10:20 PM

Being the curious guy I am, I just ran up a little search on the site I YOU probably have never even heard of.
This just happens to be the site that shows the budget related information of the country. (Nerdy huh?)
So I just realized that the amount of money that we're spending on Defence is 113829 Crores :O
I just asked myself one question, ARE WE THE RICHEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD? The obvious answer, No. Then why? Why the hell would you spend so much on defense? Why not promote peace? Not in the literal sense, Its okay if you don't love each other, sometimes you've gotta let things be... STAY INDIFFERENT.
Then why? Why is the amount of money Social Services (Education,
Health, Broadcasting etc.) only 20784 crores? Education is the most important thing needed in India today, its like the magic potion that will set everything from corruption to inflation, everything, everything will be fine.

I'll focus on the money "wasted" by the government afterwards in a more detailed and accurate article.

Nov 08th, 2012 9:58 PM

If you're reading this, one PSA. This is not some lame-ass mind vomit filled with words like "Dear Diary" "Oh my life's crap" No you'd have problems of your own, obesity or stupidity for that matter. I'll write about serious stuff (No, Celebrities aren't serious and if you think they are, press ALT F4 and delete your account) Back to serious stuff, I'll write about everything that we have to face as teenagers (Lol, not me...teenagers as a whole).

A Little about me:
Age 15.
Hobbies-Playing my guitar, piano, DJing, writing, rapping.
Taste in music- *everything that makes sense, (No bollywood)
Stuff I'm good at-Music, Rapping, writing (Not meaning to blow my own trumpet)
Aspires to become-A Journalist ..Er...Whatever

You should not read my posts IF.
1) You're a kid
2) You watch Big Boss or Jersey shore
3) You find me an arrogant jerk.

You should "especially" read this IF.
1) You hate all kinds of stupidity (Celebs, Music etc.)
2) You think you're just like me (In that case you need to get a life, I mean seriously? Why would you want to become like me..I'm a messed up person)
3) You hate me. (HaHaHa)

First post, almost done
Oh wait...this will probably be in the end.
Damn. Read my diary again.

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