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Dec 14th, 2013 5:21 PM

Ego is what kills everything good about people. I wanted to know how are you? but no response, i ask again and again. But then i give up.Although I don't want to, I feel scared thinking that memories are fading, and a time may come when i might feel nothing. So, i keep reminding myself not to forget, not to lose the feelings, because i know if this is lost, i won't feel anything ever again. But also at times I want to forget, not willing to go through all this, self destructive emotions of jealousy and anger. Not feeling happy from inside but just faking it, so that people do not complain that why do I have to be so depressing all the time.
But this feeling haunts me time and again and then all I can do is go to sleep. But its not that easy. Is it?, going to sleep, when so much is going through your head. You try to concentrate, you stand up, run around the house. But damn! no sleep. Then some how you manage to sleep, wake up next day feeling like shit, and this goes on for endless days. When will this stop, I ask you! But you, busy with your own selfish ego, refuse to reply.You say I don't understand, I want to, really, if you let me. But you don't, and I can't do it all by myself.

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