What a type of LOVE it is's Diary

What a type of LOVE it is's Diary

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It's not only a diary but also it is a lesion of a heart who loves one and he forget to live. How his soul writhing to leave his body but can't do so...................................................

27 years old, Male, Darbhanga

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Dec 30th, 2015 1:10 PM

About whom i'm going to say something, they are not a love bird but that one is a blind lover of someone. He loves to one as that, he forget himself to live and to die without her.
He was facing a too much paining tragedy because he live a twice life one as the friend of that Fairy and another as the maddest lover of her.
Mostly if we get a person in our life, who is our best friend and who has care about our smallest bits of happiness and also in the role of a lover who loves like crazy and who want to see smile on our face either he made clown himself and the tears drop from his eyes before we cry.
But friends, here nothing but only it is the tragedy for him by which neither he lives nor he dies............. The most painful for him becomes to be her best friend as well as be a crazy single sided lover of her...........
when you will read this then you will get that, "Someone are also available in this world who loves like crazy but who loves like crazy, they always get hurt and the pain like problem to breath continue or to stop both........

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