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Sep 18th, 2012 11:51 AM

No doubt i am crazy, people can not be crazy because crazyness is daring, passionate task which everyone can not perform. When i get crazy i do not even remember about the events happening around me, the only thing that i hear is of my heart and it feels i am creating this whole surroundings with my hands. Everything seems to be out of control. Imagination take the power of infinte to infinite. Magic comes alive in thoughts, that is what called crazyness and every person can not even think about it.......wanna know my it...

“A question that sometimes drives me hazy…”
“Am I or the others crazy”
And that got me to think about life as I perceive it to be
And then I realized all the pain and suffering I see
Has driven me to think I’m crazy or insane
Or that my life is pointless and ridiculously vain
I look at the world almost like a work of art
And I feel, lets say, a bit crazy because I’m not a part
But this quote made me want…made me need to find
What is wrong with him and her…yours and my mind
Is it truly me whose crazy…or is it you?
The line, they say is black and white…but why not blue?
And its those types of thoughts that set people like me aside
Because I wear my heart on my sleeve and my ideas with pride
Showing the world my beliefs with a simple smile upon on my face
They would say I’m wrong or mistaken, but Id say I’m in the right place
So am I really crazy or am I the normal one
Who knows…I’m just having fun.

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