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your love's Diary

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I am your love

12 years old, Male, delhi

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Nov 25th, 2015 11:41 PM

You know what monali !
Although i lost all the battles after winning you. I really don't care. Whom you will love and whom you will like.
When you came in my life i won everything. That 2 years of my life, Although it was the worst because i gave my everything to win you but you couldn't understand me.
Alright and when you got to know that i loved you then i don't give a shit because that day it was someone else who saved me. My little sis.
Anyways lets not get in deep . Now its done....its done. But those 2 years were just amaging
i wanted to tell you that you are very cute

Love you and i will write how much i miss you everyday.

Apart from that your real partner is your real love. I am an imaginary . I was an imaganary from the first day. don't want to be real love because real always sucks.

I will always wish you good life.

Nov 25th, 2015 10:28 PM

One more thing babe . You know how it started . This guy came to your life to make you famous. Well he also belongs somewhere from delhi. Abhi to bahut raaz kholne hain babe.
Dekhte jao.

Nov 25th, 2015 9:59 PM

You know babe i always wanted you to get free but you have like hijacked me. You can not kidnap me like that. Everyone has a freedom to eat, to watch and to have sex but if you start looking what others are doing then i will be scared that should i have sex with my gf because then somewhere hidden you might be watching me.

How about this babe? we will miss each other. You will always have my name. you will always remember me for whatever i have given you. Wouldn't you? You can fly and i want you to get free. I want to be a free bird. Babe but keep me in your memories.

Like all your friends says" Jo bhi hota hain acche ke liya hota" !

Nov 25th, 2015 9:29 PM

Babe i told you i will be back . So i am back. Are you hurt because of my message. See don't get hurt.
How about this.I will miss you babe. I miss you everyday and every single day i will miss you because you are my darling. I won't write a big message because a short messages are always beautiful . Aaj i deleted my friends number because whatever i wanted to tell him that i have done from my side.
Now a days i am getting a prank calls but still i take them . I always think one can be you. See whenever you call me babe give me puppy. I brought a beautiful change in your life.
I might move to a new place in a month or whatever time but whereever i am i will write and i want your puppies.
I know you miss me . You miss me alot. I watched Devdas and in devdas madhuri says " Humare andar bhi to in thakura ka khoon hai". Haan hai na. When you have sex with us and then ofcourse you will.
Anyways babe keep writing and keep writing here. I miss you everyday. In here and in there.
Kiss you darling......100 puppies and kisses

Nov 24th, 2015 8:43 PM

where are you these days
I miss you. I wanted a one night stand but somehow your friends friend is not ready to come to my house. I thought why not to write to you. if you could make it to my place.
don't be scared after all life is bit simple for me . If you can use a person to love its good. Live in relationship is always good.
Babe keep calling me . I miss you every second and every time.
I had to study but i kept some time for you to write. I had a talk with my best buddy today. He said that his girl friend will come to my house today. She loves me alot and she came to meet me from long distance. Can you believe.
I will always write here babe...
I have to study .

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