So here it is.. on this very date a year ago, we decided to stay together, forever in love with each other. I knew it would be difficult. When people of two different ideologies and nature come together to spend there life forever.
But i also knew that our love would cross all such barriers and emerge victorious. So started the journey. Your mischievous acts,
your small cute plans,
your anger,
your love..
I've seen all.
Yet it is never enough. You have given me so much love that nobody can ever do. It is said that a girl is lucky if she has a best friend and a lover in her life. But she is the luckiest if both of them are the same person.
This long distance relationship has added nothing but more love in our lives for each other. One year gets over but it stills seems like we met only yesterday. The fragrance is still so fresh.
You have handled me in all my moods. And still your love never grew weary of me.
You have always been my biggest support in each and every situation. Our love has come across all hardships and barriers, and the only difference that I see now is it has grown more, yes..
I love you more than yesterday,
more than the day I met you,
more than I thought,
And more than I can ever do.
I know you are not here with me on this day, But distance has no relation with hearts, its the love that has.

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