so many days, years were spent to get to this moment in life, where she was finally seeing her true self.  the real self, the one which was under the cover for such a long time. the cover was made of fears, insecurities, complexes. what a dirty cover that was, but her eyes were used to of it by now,  so she was making herself comfertable of this.  what  waste of life, i must say. But thats the power of  a spell, it can hypnotise the sharpest of mind. the spell was there, but also there was this voice in her mind, a force in her body ,which never allowed  her to get comfertable with this wrong identity . "this is not the life i am supposed to live, a born to do something that will change the world for so many others"., and it continued: the  battle between the spell and the force of nature. One thing lead to the other , and slowly slowly she made her way to this stage of life, where she got aware that it is just a veil of ignorance and fear and behind it lies her real self. you know what is really game changing??..realisation!!!..once you realises the problem, nature forces gets into work of dissolving all the fears and issues. i really encourages this- please dig a little more deeper,realise your patterns, identitify your issues, and then let the nature help.

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