Bhabhi's flight was early. She landed at 18:45. I reached by 22:00. Got some biryani from La Kababiya for her on way which was later eaten by both of us. Moved to T3 to receive her sister who was arriving at 23:00 from Sydney. She was not late too. Picked her up and after listening at least 10 times thanks that I came to pick them up, dropped both sisters to do all the chatting which was pending for last one and a half years. Shopaholic sisters were disappointed to learn major markets will not open next day due to Independence Day. Dad's darling daughters will leave tomorrow for Himachal, to dad.
Bhaiya called to say thanks too before bidding good night. However, night was nowhere on mind. After dropping, reached Gurgaon outside Sanjay's office at 00:30. Plans were made. Decisions were taken. It is independence day. That means no clubs tonight. Terrace of Raj Restaurant, Kapashera Border became the place. OK, we are thirsty. Get us beer. Yes ! That's right. Get us beer. Clock says 03:00. Ansari. Get us beer. Chilled pints. Bhukh lagi hai? Haan. Ansari. Omelette. And we are thirsty. Get us beer. And so on. Clock says 06:00. Haan bhai. Haan bhai? Kya schene hai? Jana hai? Haan. Chalo. Ansari. Keep the change. Good night.

Oye. Sambhal ke oye..

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