Some relation's can never be defined , They are just preserved in our heart safely . Those Realtionship are like a drop of water as long it is in our hand we realize it , feel its essence and aroma , but when it goes to the sea away from us Even then we keep realizing it.
Sometime in life we meet people in an around us but we don't feel a bonding ir sense of attachment wth them . But smtime a person unknowingly occupies a very special place in our heart , We cannot NAME them their positon , identify them why they are with us , Why we are talking or sharing our thought's wth him / her. But still we enjoy wth them . A special thread connects these relatiohship's . such person's are very special may be more than Anything .
Just straight away touching our heart" like a sparkling bud of a flower keep's on growing with its own beauty without knowing the RESULT.

Just preserve such beautiful relation's , Never mix up such relation's it will decrease it's beauty forever and ever .

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