If there is anything that is more unpredictable than the IPL, more fascinating than the Beethoven's symphony and more beautiful than life then it has to be either of these two, or even both.
"Bombay Girls & Bombay Rains"
They are similar in many aspects perhaps.
'Bombay Rains' are beautiful but they are equally unexpected. As the Mumbaikars often say, expect it to rain, when you least expect it to.
One moment you see the sun shining brightly over your head with no dominant cloud cover either, but minutes later you would be amazed to realize that it's actually raining. When it's Mumbai, it rains any time, any day and in any amount. Bombay Rains, on that part, are notorious for causing a lot of inconvenience to the always-energetic and rearing-to-go Mumbaikars.
Rains in Bombay are so badly timed at times, that it seems it had rained only to get you soaked in water.
When you step out of your house its pre-dominantly sunny if not completely. By the time you walk to your Bus Stop/ Rickshaw stand, it starts to get cloudy and then all of a sudden, out of no where, its raining cats and dogs. Alas!!! You are drenched and cursing your fate. That's the best you can do now. Mumbai with its sporadic showers and drizzles can even bamboozle the MET officials and make them scratch their heads.
But 'Bombay Rains' are equally beautiful. Indeed they are. It's really a site to witness the bustling Bombay slowly getting laid in a water cover and yet not giving even a hint of slowing down. Welcome to Mumbai!!!'

Bombay Girls, on that part, are like Bombay Rains. They are spontaneous, unpredictable and you can always spot them at places where you would least expect a feminine soul in any other city/town across the country. And how can I forget - they are beautiful like the rains here.
They carry a persona as charming and vibrant as the natural showers. They are street smart and they know how to live life the way they want to. And most importantly, they are untiring & like the Bombay Rains, can go on relentlessly striving for their own success and for their family at large. They are not deterred by the daily chores and problems of an 'every-minute-counts' type of city life.
Bombay is beautiful and so are its rains; and certainly beautiful are its women.
Bombay is a fabric of culture woven so strongly that it has place for all kinds of people. It has embraced everyone who has packed his bags and come here with a dream in mind. That's the truly cosmopolitan city it is - 'My Mumbai'... 'Amchi Mumbai'...

Note: The title of the article is inspired from a novel - Bombay Rains Bombay Girls

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