Emotions. Sentiments and Hurt.

If I were to say these three go hand in hand, my close ones will laugh. They'll say emotions and sentiments all right. But hurt and you? Wrong answer amigo.
Wouldn't that make me inhuman? If I did not get hurt. I think I am more human than anybody else. Why? Let's have a look.

I believe in logic. I believe in being rational. I believe there is a button in someone that if they don't turn on nobody can get hurt at any point of time. If being emotional on any day is bad. Then carrying the same sentiment the second day is worse. Emotional are the people who don't have a goal in life. Emotional towards everything. Reserve the emotions for a single entity. Be ambitious. Move On. Damaging oneself is the worst kind of abuse inflicted on yourself. Worse than sexual or substance abuse. Substances cause you physical damage. Hurt and emotions cause mental damage.

There are rehabs for substance abuse. Ever wonder emotional damage has no rehabs? Why psycho-therapy is a science that has no certain treatment and answer? Because its the worst form of damage a human can endure. Stop getting carried away by emotions and be practical.

Are you irritated right now? If you are then remember my words and read what I have said when you are emotionally damaged or heading towards it. These words might save a lot of therapy money.
Or am I being a devil's advocate and stating that a human should not be emotional. No! Because that would go against the natural law. Being human is the nature's gift and emotional sense is the ultimate unique gift presented to this race. Be intelligent.

Emotional intelligence is necessary. If someone asked me "Is being emotional a crime"? I would say my dear friend. Be emotional but don't get carried away. Make it a part of life, not heart of life. Emotion is weakness on one end and strength on the other. It's your choice to abhor or adopt it. Adopt it and be ready to deal. Or Abhor and stay strong. In any case don't hurt yourself, physically and mentally.

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