Just like every next day, I was getting late that day too.
Rushed from bathroom to wardrobe and got trapped in the Universal Question "Which dress??"
Though I know I look cute in all of them (Except that yellow one), but still, you know na.
I randomly picked the lovely Pink top and matched it with a Black leggings.
Skipping the Breakfast hurried up to college.

Walked down the stairs to bump into 'the aunty next door'. And an unwanted lecture was what she had in store to wish me with. Damn! Why can't these aunties know that we have commitments.Some serious commitments.
Beep, Beep, called my phone. Ah...!! She was waiting for me.
"I'm going. Meet you at college" read the message. It was from my best friend, who after waiting a long for me, went off without my company.

Soon, I was in the lane. Knowing fully well that I'm too late for the first class of the day, I decided to relax down and walk comfortably.

I walked along the busy lane, while my mind was occupied with strange stuffs.

'Good Morning' a strange voice said. He was walking just next to me. Smiled, and walk past.

A lean, tall and a very common faced guy he was. Dressed formally, carrying a laptop bag and just shaved (Well, his after shave lotion was quite STRONG)

Wait. I think, I have seen him somewhere. After a minute or two I realized, he was my senior. We met at tuition. Well it was long before. When I was in Class 8, I guess, we met for the first time.

And yeah, How can I forget, recently he messaged me on FB. Requesting me to block him. This is indeed a stupid stuff. He confessed in that message that I was his first Crush, and that he knew he doesn't suits up to my standards in looks and so he never approached me and stuffs. Further, he even confessed that he intentionally wrote his mobile number on the back cover of the book he had lend to me. (Yeah, we even had a lil bit of messaging chit chat at that time.) Requested me to block him by giving a rationale that every time he sees my photos or statuses, he is reminded that how 'dumbo' he is. This all are his words.

I did accomplish his request. And this morning when he came across me, he wished me and walk past, without even giving me an opportunity of identifying him.

Indeed he is a DUMBO.

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