Pointy thing so slim and trim ;where do you aim
I fibble,dribble scratch your nib ; fashioned like a dame

Running for miles in every direction; charting east, west, north and south
May thy creator be blessed cause he; presented the 'mute' a mouth

They say, you are mightier than him; significant picture you paint
When you speak, it exhibits both; appreciation and taint

Commercially seen, on billboards charts; the cost never fails to baffle
I spot you in a desk or drawer, such trifling makes me rattle

Entrepreneurs and inventors new; now selling in a glittery avatar
While prancing in a market spree, now and then; i spot thee unique gravatar

You are the revolutionary force; wind beneath journos' wings
You speak such awesome truth, poisonous is its sting

A child holds you, uses and throws; cultivating his life,
World wouldn't have grown, come so far; with you I feel alive.

[Note: 'It' is a pen]

Tags: Boligrafo

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