SPEAK..coz the Truth has to come out,
The truth which is lost in stories untold,
ur reasons, ur treasons, ur dares,ur scares;
ur hate, ur faith..U've loved, u've grown.
u've grown above the spoken truth...
pls grow...just don't grow too old.

WALK...coz the path need ur steps,
the stept which long went went cold;
ur tries, ur lies, ur fears, ur tears,
ur aims, ur pains, u've cried, u've died.
You were dead before ur last breath...
pls die...just don't die to grow too old.

SMILE...coz the world needs sm happiness,
the happiness ur lips've kept on hold;
ur trends, ur friends,ur trips,her lips,
ur sighs, her eyes, ur heart just skipped.
as u never cud feel ur heart..
so, Pls feel..just don't let the feeling grow too old.

Tags: Happiness

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