I sit and wonder sometimes
how it is that you are never mine.

I sometimes look at the sky
it’s too late and that is, why???

I always wanted to ask,
the answer that lies in the mask
that someday, sometime
will you be mine???

I don't know how to tell you this
but you are the one I will always miss
and then there was a point when I fell
but you weren't there to tell
"Girl, this isn't hell."

I still remember you said good-bye
it meant to me die
but I hoped you might
come back here, but I wasn't right

And now it seems everything is lost
who can make up the cost
now everything is back to square one
and lots of crying has been done

Now there is no one to turn back and smile,
no one with whom I can walk a mile.

I sit on a park bench,
with tears I am drenched
I look up and see,
What is left...is just me...

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