There always comes a time in one's life when one has no answer or words to respond to a certain situation but a smile! That smile which conceals all one's pains and fears, all one's desires and hopes,and all one's reasons and secrets. It keeps them clandestine making one internally intact but outwardly social. It is nothing but just a moment when one comes face to face with the realities.Realities are not always harsh, they are just realities which one was not ready to expect or which one hardly accepts happily. This moment when one realizes that one shall not keep expectations but from oneself and the Creator. Hence the smile replaces the words, because one's major questions have been answered with no noise but opening the cascade of unseen tears...It is then that smile which saves one from the outside frigid world.

Smile whatever comes to you, it keeps you safe from the questions you don't want to answer.

Tags: Smiles

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