"I don't know what's wrong with the world. I don't know how we got here! ISIS made a woman eat her own son, literally."
"I do. Because we started off wrong. And nobody's trying to correct that. We're afraid now, because we started off afraid. Everyone's just trying to be politically correct, all the bloody time. Very few who actually stand up for what they believe."
"What's wrong with being politically correct?" 
"it's synonymous to saving your ass and not giving a fuck about anything or anyone else."
"But you have to say the right things or they will come for you. If you're not there, how will you help the situation?" 
"Is that really true? Or are we being 'politically correct' now?" laughs out loud. 
"Okay. How do we help? We don't have superheroes"
"They don't have superpowers either! They were born very much the same as you and me. There is only so much goodness and compassion will get you. Find them and kill them. If you think you can convert them, you're either a saint or a mastermind on their side deceiving us. In both the cases, you're not fit to be facing them. But we don't need superheroes, no! There is one character we could all draw inspiration from though."
"Which one's that?" 
"Robinhood. We all need to be Robinhoods, on our own levels."

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