I have read many stories in both Hindi and English but there are few which I would love to read again and again. One such story is "Usne kaha tha". Its quite an old story written by Chandradhar sharma guleri. Given its time period it would not be easy to relate to it but fortunately what makes this simple story become a timeless tale is the emotions it carries and an awesome narration.

The story starts with the description of the 'bamboo cartwalas'. Later on picking up with the appearance of a small boy n gal.. Those small punches used in their conversation have become synonymous with the story. The boy teasingly asking the gal 'तेरी कुड़माई हो गई?' and she would reply in denial 'धत्'.

Those who have read the story very well know what happened next. Well I love dis story so much that I can write an entire essay on it. The love depicted in this story is so different form today's times.. Its just selfless. The dedication which the lead character Lehna singh shows towards a promise, even at the cost of his own life, he made to his childhood sweetheart is commendable.

The character of subedarni is quite brief, but effectively conveys her pathos. Not to forget Vajeera singh who says.. 'मैं पाधा बन गया हूँ। करो जर्मनी के बादशाह का तर्पण !'

I don't know why I love dis story. Whenever I read it I actually feel like I am seeing a movie.. Its a definite read for literature lovers. If u have not read it yet, u have been deprived of 1 classic story.

Here's d link 4 anyone interested in reading it.. http://www.hindisamay.com/kahani/usne-kaha-tha.htm

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