I came out after my classes were over.I was really depressed as I had not done well in my test I folded the paper and kept it in my bag.I saw it had already started raining slowly. I took out my umbrella to cover myself I slowly walked few steps and saw the deserted street in front of me with few slum children laughing and enjoying themselves in the rain, splashing water and playing with paper boats, I stood for sometime watching them. I smiled to myself and then resumed my walking. After walking some more I saw some sparrows bathing in the rain water and chirping. I saw the green trees around me and how droplets of water fell on the leaves which seemed more greener now. I loved to see how nature rejoiced herself in the rain. I folded my umbrella and kept it in my bag. I decided to go to that same old place. The riverside park where I used to come with my dad when I was a child. I reached the park as I saw more dark clouds hovering in the sky as if showing me how my life had suddenly changed. I sat down on the bench, by now I was completely drenched, the sweet cool drops of rain touched my face as I looked up towards the sky.
The memories of my visit to the same old place came rushing in my mind, how I used to run around with other kids in the park and would laugh and play all my heart wished to. How we went to the river to touch the water or to feed the fishes, I remembered them all. And then I saw my present life in front of my how there was pressure to be the number one as if a battle for life every minute. I wanted to go back there to my childhood.
The clouds grew darker. I looked at my watch, an hour had already passed since I was there in the rain. I took it unnoticed sitting quietly on the park bench. I looked around there was no one around I could see only green trees around me. I felt that I was alive after such a long time. I closed my eyes again to enjoy the rain.
I could now hear the soft sound of the rain near me and the sound it made hitting the river by the side, everything seemed so beautiful. I didn't even remember when was the last time I had such a wonderful feeling. Amongst all this I would get petrified when I remembered how my life had turned o be. It was like a ship without a sail heading to nowhere.
By now the rain had stopped and I could see the sun once again setting down far beyond the horizon, the sky was now clear with with a pale yellowish color all over it, which seemed to glow. I turned back still sitting on the bench. I could see the road outside which was now not as empty as it was before.
I looked up at the sky again admiring it's beauty. I thought to myself 'the sky was dark some moments ago is now glowing, it had removed all its darkness by poring down all the water in form of glory.' The story of my life could be the same,yes it had some good moments and now was going through a difficult phase but if I wished I could make it what I wanted it to be.After the long lasting night of my life day would come and the sun would shine again. I knew I had learnt something that day. A lesson that nature had taught me,I knew I had to fight back.
I heard my cell phone ring inside my bag I took it out. It was my mom . I answered the call. "where have you been so long? your classes must have been over two hour's ago, and in this bad weather?" "Mom I was in mother nature's arms after a very very long time" I replied calmly. "What? come home right now" my mom said as I hung up the phone. I stood up and thanked mother nature for telling me what I needed the most at that time. Amidst the sun setting light and growing darkness I started walking homewards.

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