When I open up myself to someone, or share that I am looking for a partner, the first thing that they generally ask me is, ‘What kind of partner I am looking for?’ I am not surprised by their concern or curiosity as they have never seen me with any particular person, ever.

Since I have been bachelor since long, or never have dated any person yet, sometimes I end up asking this question to myself. ‘What kind of person I am looking for’, or ‘What kind of qualities should my partner have?’ I have seen my friends or cousins or people around me with their partners or lovers a lot. Out of my journalistic skills, or say my curiosity, I have asked them about how they fell in love or what quality attracted them in their counter-half.

Till date, no one has answered that they fell in love with their appearance, it’s only the personality which attracted them. So true! When a person feels attracted because of the looks, the love shades away with time. Love based on qualities or personalities is the one that lasts forever.

So, at 27, when someone asks me what kind of person I am looking for, my answer is solid. I am not looking for a show piece on whom I can feel proud or would like to use just to show of the society. Rather, I would like someone who is a human and has human features like sensible, mature, understanding, respects me and whom I can respect, someone with whom I would like to grow old, have family, for whom I would reach home on time, plan my weekends, wake up with, tease, play, share feelings, who can read my eyes, can listen my silence, can stand for me, with me no matter what, will guide me, will walk with me, will teach me, will learn from me, will adopt my nature and I will adopt his, will talk about society, will be inseparable, will fight, will argue, will make up, will say sorry, will watch movies, will plan holidays, will participate on each other’s family function, will save together, will spend for each other, will give surprise b’day parties, will have anniversary functions, will decide our kids’ name, will call each other with lovable nick-names, will call each other during day times, will care for each other when sick, will care for each other’s health, will cook for each other, will experiment with cooking, will talk about others, will go out for dinner with friends, will hold hands in crowd, will cuddle during cold nights, will make bed breakfast for each other, will learn each other favourite dishes, will help each other with household chores, will buy flowers occasionally, will wait for each other to return from office, will complete each other, and the list is endless.

I need someone who can give me happiness by doing small things, daily, and can surprise me with big things occasionally. Someone with whom I can be myself. Who will love me for what I am and will accept me as I am. I know, I am asking a lot in life but I can’t negotiate for less. After all, love happens once, how can I make any mistake and hurt myself?

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