1.I want to sit with you in your arms on a stranded beach in the evening and watch the waves.
The way waves intermingle into each other i want to have the same pleasure to intermingle into you and your life.
2. I want to spend a whole day with you hiking a cliff and rafting in a river so that when we are tired and thrilled we could enjoy the beauty of peace together.
3. i want to wake up on a perfect spring morning with you, just me and you to enjoy morning tea looking into each other's eyes.
4.i want to go on a perfect date with you where i wear the prettiest outfit and look the best i can just for you and you the perfect gentleman.
we spend the whole evening together and remember it for ages.
5. I want to make all those memories sour and sweet with you that fulfill the life with aroma of love.
6. i want to support you in all endeavours of your life so that when you look back you have your perfect support still beside you, your mate, your friend.
7.i want to grow old with you to see you evolve from a guy to perfect wise man.
8. i want to be with you till the end of our lives so that our grandchildren would site our reference whenever they could think of existence of eternal love.
9.I want to be yours for now and forever coz i could never get a person better than you for me in this life or another.
10. And when you say all those fantasies i have are impossible or if you say i am thinking too much, i want to shut you up with a kiss and ask you to trust me for all i ask is possible in this life only.

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