10 pm friday 2nd august we (me and my two friends) started our journey from Delhi ISBT. Its our first Dalhousie trip and we were quiet excited
We have hired a Tata Indigo with a driver.

Our first stop was "Sukhdev da Dhaba" in Murthal which was famous for its various types of Paranthas. After packing some paranthas we opened our first of the six Teachers Scotch bottle outside the dhaba.
We gulped our first bottle and then we headed towards Chandigarh.

Our Driver already told us that he doesn't knew the way for Dalhousie after Chandigarh but thanks to technology, Blackberry and Google maps....i was his navigator till the battery supports.
Note- Battery of Blackberry 9360 sucks!

Anyways after reaching some 50 kms from Ludhiana around 3 am we had our first Tea of the journey. Thanks to this Chaiwaala who was still awake with few customers on his counter.

After numerous of toll booths we finally reached Dalhousie around 10 pm 3rd august much to our amusement it has nothing to offer to tourists like us. Some locals told us to go to Khajjiar if we want to have some fun.And there we are...on our way to Khajjiaar which was a two hour drive from Dalhousie.

Surrounding by mountains and Greenery everywhere it was heaven for people like us who came from cities with malls and high rises only.
We were just few kms to Khajjiaar and we knew that it wasn't a waste of time to be here after travelling almost 500 kms.

Finally we reached Khajjiaar and trust me the place was a delight to mind, heart and eyes. It was so peaceful that you can hear the sound of every raindrop that was falling to the ground. After just 15 mins we found the cheapest and best hotel of the area. Just 600 per day for two rooms. We took turns to get fresh and then we ordered for our lunch. Food was a bit costly there but manageable. We took some chairs and a table out in the open with our 2nd Scotch Bottle and forget every fucking thing in our respective life sipping our drinks and admiring the beauty of Khajjiaar which was at that time looking nothing more than Switzerland . Khajjiaar the playground of India.

To be Continued

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