Do you know how to weep in silence? 
Crying without unnecessary sound, without sobs, without words but just silence, huddled in a dark corner of room in the night when everyone is asleep and not a single soul has seen you or heard you and nobody even recognises that you've become a small defense less and weak creature who now sits on the floor doing nothing but crying.


And do you know how to weep bitterly? 
All the pain, the pain that accumulates somewhere inside of you. That part of the soul which you won't let anyone see. The pain that is on the edge and you start to weep, those tears, that pain and the heart, that mind and those gone feelings which reminds you of betrayal. 
They are all gone..sadly with those people that i loved. 


Finally, do you know how to weep at night so in the morning you can smile again?

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