I was reading and commenting simultaneously on every one's posts out here. Suddenly, the red light shone.
How I love these red notifications! I know even you folk love them, though you don't want to admit it!

I clicked. I had made 500 comments! I can't believe it!
Now when did I comment so much? I can't even recollect.

Anyways am happy I chit chatted on every one's posts..except my own..haha
Thankfully made some writers out here happy.

Now coming to the question..

WHY should we comment?

Commenting acts like a medicine. It cures high BP and makes the author's BP normal..
it cools the writer's agitated frame of mind, calms him down when a few soothing words are sprayed in his direction.
Use them in right doses. Don't overdo it.

It's a definite antidepressant. Who knows, maybe the author was standing on the window ledge about to leap down, if no one read him..
and that one comment would have pulled him in!

Commenting is a great antiseptic. Soothing to the fullest.
It takes the sting out of the hurt caused by kanjoos makhichoos pollers..who believe in holding back the author's rightful dues.

A write up, however interesting it may be, but shorn of comments, is like a half clad woman really!

Believe me commenting is fun..
and rewarding too.
Try it.

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