Engineering is perhaps the ultimate career option for every middle class Indian child. Admit it, most of us at some point of time in life; have been pressurised to consider it as a career option. And there are millions who give in to the pressure every year and get into engineering colleges that have mushroomed all over the country without a second thought. But, becoming an engineer and surviving it is completely a different story. By the time they graduate, every engineer is almost on the verge of quitting or vehemently hates what they do. Ironically, this happens to the innocent souls who get into engineering to fulfil their elder’s dreams.
‘Mera beta engineer hai’ seems to be the most popular one liner Indian parents use at the cost of the mental agony of their own children.

Here are 7 Issues Every Indian Engineer Faces (Well, almost !)
1. The IIT Syndrome:
There are some fifteen thousand seats in the coveted IITs and dome thirteen lakhs vying for them each year. And chances are that if you’ve NEVER stepped out of your home for the two years of school life and bury yourself behind a pile of books, you’ll get through with a dash of luck. Few are lucky to get through, but the remaining 95% of the failed ones live in the trauma of failing to qualify “IIT” for almost a year. Worse still, some drop a second year to prepare. AGAIN. Poor souls.
2. The drop out year:

This comes in life of every one in five engineers of India after they’ve failed to qualify for IIT. Depressed and traumatised, they get into an exile, some enrolling for an extra year of coaching for the entrances. Life is all about books for these poor kids and chances are that ninety percent of them will fail the second time too.
3. The coveted Supplies
Supplies or supplementaries come in life of every engineer, IITian or not. While your parents are bragging about how awesome your college in Bhopal or Bangalore is; older cousins already into engineering are like, ‘Woh sab rhne de, Ye bata first sem me Suppli Kitney me lagi ?’
4. The hatred for engineering
By the time it’s your second year half of the ‘Inspired’ bunch of engineers realise that engineering is not their calling and brood long hours over bottles of the infamous Vodka bottles and swear to god that if they EVER get a second take at life, they’ll make a better choice next time. But that, sadly never comes.
5. A screwed up love life
Yeah that. Endless projects, big fat books, trailing academics are enough reasons to turn a Casanova a padhaku; and most of the poor kids are already geeky enough. What happens next is a story well known.
Relationship status: Studying engineering
Slow clap.
6. Jugaad Is the new winning mantra (And for many, perhaps the only one)
If there was a penny to be had a penny for every time an engineer said, ‘Assignment ke lie kuch jugaad ho jaega bhai Tension mat le”, we wouldn’t be writing this list. Optimism about the JUGAAR is praise worthy. JUGAAR-u Engineers.
7. Inspiration of these posts
Well, even if they end up in a mess and screw their life big time; engineers are a part and parcel of Indian life. Engineers are part of a cult group; and that needs respect, even if they end up being topics of these posts. Common man, they have one hell of a life trying to struggle for something they don’t even love.

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