[Scene 1]

(Alarm clock rings)

(Jefferson wakes up, does his morning routine and now eating breakfast)

(Doorbell rings)

JEFFERSON - (Walks to the door).

CRAIG - Morning sir.

JEFFERSON - Good Morning, Craig.

CRAIG - Sorry to disturb but um....

JEFFERSON - (See's his DVD Player in his hand) Need's repair?

CRAIG - Yes, s-sorry.

JEFFERSON - Don't feel bad, sonny. It's what I do, and I love doing it.

CRAIG - Oh okay. It's just that, early in the morning. Y-You don't have to strain yourself.

JEFFERSON - It's because I'm old isn't it.

CRAIG - Well um...

JEFFERSON - Forget it. Just leave it inside. I'll have it done and dusted by tomorrow.

CRAIG - Thank you.

JEFFERSON - Y-You're welcome sonny. You want to join me for a cup of coffee?

CRAIG - U-Um...

JEFFERSON - Come on, it'll be great. Just a cup of coffee and you can be on your way.

CRAIG - O-Okay.

[Scene 2]

(Having cup of coffee)

JEFFERSON - How is it?

CRAIG - It's good.

JEFFERSON - First time coming for a repair?

CRAIG - Y-Yes. The neighbours told me that you fix stuff so...

JEFFERSON - Ho! I-I see. That's good. They're right, just come to me anytime.

CRAIG - Sure.

JEFFERSON - Don't hesitate! after all, what's an old man going to do? give you a fine?

CRAIG - Hehehe.

JEFFERSON - Laugh with me, hahaha.

CRAIG - Anyone else live here?

JEFFERSON - Nope. Just me, my furniture, the air, and my machines.

CRAIG - F-Family?

JEFFERSON - Just like any ordinary family. You have kids, they grow older, they leave you behind and carry on.

CRAIG - W-Wife?

JEFFERSON - (Sipping slowly) S-She um...left.

CRAIG - Oh. I-I'm sorry.

JEFFERSON - It's okay. We move on.

CRAIG - True. Well, need to drop the kids at school. Bye!

JEFFERSON - Need any snacks?

CRAIG - No I'm okay.

JEFFERSON - For your kids?

CRAIG - Um...

JEFFERSON - Just take a biscuit packet.

CRAIG - Okay, thanks.

JEFFERSON - Any time! bye!

(Craig leaves)

JEFFERSON - (Picks up the phone slowly and dials to reach his children).

PHONE - Sorry, the number you've been dialing is currently busy. Record your message after the tone.

JEFFERSON - (Cuts the call. He receives a voice message and plays it).

JOHN - (Voice message) Dad? it's me, John. You've got to stop calling me, dad. I-I just don't have the time. Keep yourselves occupied, talk with your friends, do your machine fixing thingy. Keep yourself occupied, and we'll come around. Bye!

JEFFERSON - (Tear drops. Opens the fridge and finds nothing inside)

[Scene 3]

(Walking to the market, under the hot sun)

JEFFERSON - (Faints).

JAMIE - Honey! look!

CLARK - Oh no! somebody call the ambulance! sir are you okay? sir? get some water!


JAMIE - Sir?

CLARK - Are you okay sir?

JEFFERSON - (Regains conscience).

CLARK - Water bottle, Jamie.

JAMIE - Here.

CLARK - Have some water, sir.

JEFFERSON - T-Thank you, kind sir.

CLARK - Don't worry, everything will be okay.

[Scene 4]


DOCTOR - Nurse, give him the tablets.

NURSE - Yes sir.

JAMIE - Anything serious?

DOCTOR - No, nothing. Nothing serious. Just a mild heat stroke.

CLARK - Okay.

DOCTOR - We'll discharge him in another five minutes.

JEFFERSON - (Takes out his wallet).

CLARK - No, no, no! y-you don't have to pay. I-I'll pay for you.

JEFFERSON - No, it's okay. I-I have my-

CLARK - I work for an insurance company. I'll cover your charges.

JEFFERSON - Alright, I guess.

CLARK - Aviva Insurance right?


CLARK - Thank goodness. You can give me your Aviva card, I'll cover the charges in a few days.

DOCTOR - Admission fee?

CLARK - I'll cover that.

JEFFERSON - It's okay.

JAMIE - Don't worry. We're here for you.

JEFFERSON - (Tear drops).

JAMIE - Here, keep drinking water. Tablet.

JEFFERSON - (Takes his tablet along with water).

[Scene 5]

(At Jefferson's flat)

JAMIE - Here, sir.

JEFFERSON - Thank you very much, I-I appreciate it very much.

CLARK - It's okay. Here, this is my card. If you need help you can just contact me. I'll help you.

JAMIE - We live in the flat opposite to you.

JEFFERSON - Oh, you're the new tenants.

JAMIE - Yes, yes.

JEFFERSON - T-Thank you.

(Just before the couple could leave)


(they stop)

JEFFERSON - I-If you don't mind, um.....c-could you give me company?

CLARK - Um....

JAMIE - (Whispers) Come on, dear. Weekend y'know.

CLARK - Sure, why not.

JEFFERSON - Thank you. It's just that, I-I just don't get such help these days. You see I-I'm, q-quite old. S-Sorry if I'm taking time off your weekend.

JAMIE - No, it's okay. I mean, we're lonely too. We're yet to have kids. It's good to be with neighbours.

JEFFERSON - Hmm....t-thank you (tear drops).

CLARK - Are you okay, sir?

JEFFERSON - I-I'm okay. Just....one day you're born, everyone crowds around you. Next day you're old, and everyone parts away from you. I-I have nothing to live for these days (gestures towards his machines) m-my hobby, fixing them for my neighbours, or for myself. Other than that, m-my two good friends. We went to school, college, and work together. My wife....10 years ago (sad gesture).

CLARK - I-I'm very sorry.

JEFFERSON - What's this? being nice every now and then. I-It's normal for us. Everyone is told to think about their future. My future.....yet to be written. Even my own two sons, no contact. A-A happy family we were, a family of four. Children, t-they eventually grow older, understanding the world, prioritizing their work first, and then pretty soon themselves. After that? they'll settle in some foreign country with their wife and children. Every now and then, just calling me to tell that they've dropped some of their earnings in my account. A chat through the phone? lasts only a minute, m-maybe even 30 seconds. Once a year only they'll come for a visit. Like they say: like father like children. Grandchildren, d-don't find me fascinating, a-and they only show up in this house once every year with the family. What a life it was....

[Scene 6]


MARY - John! James! are you ready?

JOHN - Coming!

JAMES - Coming!

MARY - (They hug) My children. So small you were, now going for work!

JAMES - Mum!

MARY - Oh come on. For a mother, this is a historic moment.

JOHN - Dad!

JEFFERSON - That's my boy! hahaha! come here.

(they hug)

JEFFERSON - I'm really proud of you son.

JOHN - Thanks dad.

JEFFERSON - You too! come here James! (they hug) Good luck.

JAMES - Thanks dad.

JEFFERSON - Do well. You both have entered a new chapter in your life. Carry on.

[Scene 7]


MARY - Bye!

JOHN/JAMES - Bye! (they leave on their bikes)

JEFFERSON - Heh. They grow up so fast.

MARY - Hehehe.

(Phone rings)

JEFFERSON - (On the phone) Hello? ah! Joe! yes! bingo? change it, we'll play a round of Mancala. Inform Gordon too, 4:30. Bye! (drops the call).

MARY - Games?

JEFFERSON - A man's got to have his own company right?

MARY - Hehehe.

JEFFERSON - What's cooking?

MARY - Veg Burrito's.

JEFFERSON - Good, good.

MARY - Dear, I have my heart check-up tonight.

JEFFERSON - Hmm....I'll ask John or James to drive you to the hospital.

MARY - You?

JEFFERSON - I uh....need to fix the Mp3 player for the Fredrick's.

MARY - Dear, do you really have to?

JEFFERSON - Well they're son is going to have a wild birthday party tomorrow, and I uh still have much to do. It'll take a day.

MARY - Okay.

[Scene 8]

(At Office)

JOHN - Josh! tell Jessie to come to my office!

JOSH - Yes sir.

(Jessie comes in)


JOHN - Hi.

JESSIE - What did you want to talk about?

JOHN - You know, I-I've been thinking. W-Why don't we take this relationship, to the next level?

JESSIE - Next level? b-but we're already lovers.

JOHN - I-I mean (shows his ring finger).

JESSIE - U-Um....

JOHN - I love you, do you love me?


JOHN - Then what's next? let's do it!

JESSIE - I-It's just that, I-I don't think I'm quite ready.

JOHN - It's never late. I'll support you. I'll pick you up when you fall down. If you keep dragging the dates, pretty soon my parents will decide on someone, and pretty soon your parents will too. What do you say?

JESSIE - I-I'll talk to my parents.

JOHN - That's the spirit!

(They both have a laugh)

[Scene 9]

JOE - (Playing Mancala) 1...2...3...4! I win!

GORDON - You sure you made the right count?

JOE - Of course! I know how to play.

GORDON - I mean, your eyes.

JOE - I'm 70 years old and there's nothing wrong with them. You're the one wearing glasses.

GORDON - Please don't.

JEFFERSON - Stop the argument. Mary! can you get us each a cup of coffee?

MARY - Coming.

JOE - How are things going?

JEFFERSON - With what?

JOE - You know um....life.

JEFFERSON - Heh. Good question. I-I don't know actually. We lived our life didn't we?

GORDON - We sure did.

JEFFERSON - Those were the days. I still remember the summer of '72. What a blast that was.

JOE - Road trip for about how many days?

GORDON - Ten I believe.

JOE - No I think it was seven.

GORDON - I'm pretty sure it's ten.

JEFFERSON - Good times.

JOE - You uh...thinking about marriage for your sons?

JEFFERSON - Not yet. They just started work.

GORDON - Ah I see.

MARY - Coffee.

ALL - Thanks.

[Scene 10]

(John and James reach home)

MARY - The boys are back! come in! how was your first day?

JOHN - Being the newly appointed Executive Director is the best thing ever, and here this! Jessie works with me!

MARY - Oh! you mean the girl who studied with you in college? your girlfriend I believe.

JOHN - Yes, her. Things could get better.

MARY - What do you mean?

JEFFERSON - Hey! come on in! how are you, James?

JAMES - Doing good, dad.

JEFFERSON - How was it? being the Associate Director?

JAMES - Good, good.

JEFFERSON - Mary get them some coffee. Must be tired.

JOHN - Not so much. Just the first day.

MARY - Honey! John was talking about things getting better. Talk about it!

JEFFERSON - What's this thing your mother went on about?

JOHN - You remember, Jessie?

JEFFERSON - Your girlfriend from college?

JOHN - Yes, her. She works in the came company as me.

JEFFERSON - Get out of here! that's amazing.

JOHN - And here this. We um....got talking. We uh...want to take it to the next level.

JEFFERSON - Next level?

JOHN - You know um....(shows his ring finger).

JEFFERSON - Marriage?

JOHN - (Nods eagerly).

JEFFERSON - Honey! your boy wants a wedding!

MARY - Darling! who's the bride?

JOHN - Jessie.

MARY - Jessie?

JOHN - We uh...we're quite comfortable with each other now. We studied together, wrote exams together, graduated together, and now we're working together. We both have comfortable positions at work. What's left?

JAMES - You? and Jessie?

JOHN - Yes.

JAMES - Is she going to talk with her parents about it?

JOHN - Yes (phone rings).

JAMES - Who is it?

JOHN - Shush! it's Jessie (answers the call) Hello? hi dear! how's it going? oh, oh, oh! really? that's good news! I told you things would go well. Sure, sure! I-I'll tell my parents (aside) her parents said yes.

JAMES - That's good! mum? dad?

JEFFERSON - Well....

MARY - She is John's close friend. Girlfriend!

JEFFERSON - Go for it.

MARY - Hehehe.

JOHN - Thanks dad! (on the phone) Yes, my parents are okay with it too!

JEFFERSON - My son's getting married. I-I need to call someone! (dials his phone) Hello? Joe? thanks. We were just talking about marriage today, it's happening! John's getting married. You must come with your family too. Yes, yes, I'll tell Gordon hehehe (drops the call).

[Scene 11]


JAMIE - It's going at a good pace.

JEFFERSON - I don't mean to bore you with my story.

CLARK - No, no. It's good. It's interesting. I mean, we're about to start a family too. Same way like John. Met her in the office, after a while: Coworker to wife.

JEFFERSON - (Smiles) I'll continue the next time you come.

JAMIE - We'll come after four o'clock.

JEFFERSON - Don't miss it!

(Clark and Jamie leave)

JEFFERSON - You need to know the downside of that.

[Scene 12]

(At James' place, foreign country)

JENNY - Hehehe! you're it!

BILL - Not fair! you didn't tag me properly!

TINA - Kids, stop fighting.

BILL - But mum! she didn't tag me properly.

TINA - Come on, Jenny. Play properly alright?

(the kids run off to play)

TINA - Dear, are you busy?

JAMES - Nope. Just finished my work.

(they kiss)

TINA - Hehe, well?

JAMES - Well?

TINA - Any plans?

JAMES - You tell me. You have plans? I'm free the entire day.

TINA - Are you serious?

JAMES - I'm not kidding. Clients are satisfied with out work. I just finished the paperwork and faxed it over to them. I'm in the clear.

TINA - That's great! because I booked dinner for us at a restaurant. Got it on Groupon on a 25% discount.

JAMES - Man, this Groupon is cheap.

TINA - I know right? that's how I bought glass vase. I bought it for about $30 off.

JAMES - Wow.

TINA - So yes.

JAMES - Well, good thing you've made plans. Kids are busy?

TINA - Just playing around as usual.

JAMES - Oh! I forgot something.

TINA - What is it?

JAMES - (Calls his dad).

JEFFERSON - (On the phone) Hello?

JAMES - (On the phone) Hello? dad? it's me, James.

JEFFERSON - (On the phone) Oh! James! hahaha, how are you doing?

JAMES - (On the phone) Doing great.

JEFFERSON - (On the phone) What's up-

JAMES - (On the phone) I dropped some amount into your account.

JEFFERSON - (On the phone) Oh.....that?

JAMES - (On the phone) Yes, so uh....just wanted to let you know.

JEFFERSON - (On the phone) Well um...alright then. H-How are the kids doing? your wife, Tina?

JAMES - (On the phone) Doing just fine. Nothing much.

JEFFERSON - (On the phone) I see. You uh, free to have a Skype chat tonight at 7:30?

JAMES - (On the phone) Um....hold on (aside) Tina! what time did you book for dinner?

TINA - 7:45! we have to be there 10 minutes before!

JAMES - (On the phone) S-Sorry dad, um....y-you see we uh-

JEFFERSON - (On the phone) You're busy?

JAMES - (On the phone) It's not that um....we made dinner reservations at a restaurant. Family outing.

JEFFERSON - (On the phone) I-I see.

JAMES - (On the phone) Well, w-we'll come around. Eventually.

JEFFERSON - (On the phone) I-I'm sure you will.

(James cuts the call)

JEFFERSON - Someday.

[Scene 13]

(After four o'clock)


PRIEST - You may kiss the bride.

(John and Jessie kiss)

ALL - (Applaud).

JAMES - (Staring at Tina).

TINA - (Notices him staring).

(lunch at the wedding hall)

TINA - Who is that?


TINA - That guy.

JESSIE - Who, the one next to John?

TINA - Yes, that guy.

JESSIE - Oh, that's John's brother: James.

TINA - I see.

JESSIE - Why do you ask?

TINA - N-No reason.

JAMES - I'm serious John.

JOHN - Isn't this too much?

JAMES - I'm serious bro! I'm like, really into her.

JOHN - You just met her an hour ago.

JAMES - Who is she?

JOHN - Jessie's friend: Tina.

JAMES - What a beautiful name (leaves).

JOHN - James, please don't make a fool out of yourself.

JAMES - I won't.

JOHN - I meant for me.

JAMES - I see....

(walks over to the drinks table where he meets Tina)

JAMES - Oh, um...hi!

TINA - H-Hi uh.....

JAMES - I-I know. I-I'm really sorry.

TINA - Oh, t-that's okay.

JAMES - I-It happens sometimes with me. Once I meet someone this...

TINA - This?

JAMES - You know um....(can't express)

(music plays, everyone starts ballroom dancing)

JAMES - W-Would you like to dance?

TINA - Sure.

(they dance)

TINA - (While dancing) This is fun. You're John's brother, right?

JOHN - (While dancing) Yes, you're Jessie's friend, right?

TINA - (While dancing) Yes.

JOHN - (While dancing) I love mountain hiking.

TINA - (While dancing) I love biking by the coast.

JOHN - (While dancing) I love lasagna.

TINA - (While dancing) I love lasagna too.

JOHN - (While dancing) I love the colour yellow.

TINA - (While dancing) I love the colour purple.

JOHN - (While dancing) I love you.

(they stop dancing)

TINA - (Stunned) W-What?

JAMES - I love you.

TINA - I-It's all happening very quickly, I-I mean.

JAMES - (Gets on his knees).

(everyone watches)

JAMES - (Holding her hand) Will you marry me?

ALL - Oh!!

JESSIE - What's going on?

JOHN - Oh god.

JESSIE - Is that your brother and my-

JOHN - It's them.

TINA - Yes!

ALL - (Applaud).

(Tina and James kiss)

[Scene 14]

JOHN - I can't believe it! I can't believe what I'm seeing here. How did you do it? y-you've only known her for like, two hours.

JAMES - Don't say two hours. Say 120 minutes. Pretty long ay?

JOHN - I guess.


JOHN - Still.

JESSIE - I can't believe it, babe.

TINA - I know right? first I thought he was a freak. He's pretty damn cute.

JESSIE - I can see that. Two hours?

TINA - Love doesn't need time.

JESSIE - But, getting to know each other and all?

TINA - All happened in one dance.

JESSIE - Woah there. If you catch the bouquet.

TINA - We get married next?

JESSIE - You bet!

JAMES - Yes!

JOHN - Try your luck.

JAMES - Not me. Only the ladies do, I'll tell Tina!

[Scene 15]

JESSIE - (About to chuck it).

JOHN - Don't cheat. Throw it normally. We'll see if they hit the jackpot.

JESSIE - Okay (she chucks it)

GIRLS - I got it! I got it!! I got it!!

TINA - (Right under it, and hits her) Gah!

JESSIE - Uh oh.

JOHN - Who's the lucky lady?

TINA - (Raises her hand).

JAMES - Oh yes! we're bringing the house down!

[Scene 16]

JEFFERSON - Another wedding? but...h-how?

JOHN - Don't look at me, all eyes on him.

JAMES - Love doesn't follow time.

MARY - Call her up and say "yes".

JAMES - Oh thank you mum! (rushes to his room).

JOHN - (Goes to his room).

[Scene 17]

(Next day morning)

JEFFERSON - (Wakes up) Morning boys!

JAMES - Morning!

JOHN - Morning, mum!

MARY - (Silent).

JOHN - Still asleep I see.

JEFFERSON - Must be. Honey!

(goes to her)

JEFFERSON - Wake up dear, I'm making coffee.

MARY - (Silent).

JEFFERSON - Mary? (moves her, concerned) Mary!

JOHN - What happened?

JEFFERSON - Mary! s-she's not responding.

JOHN - Mum! wake up! mum!

JAMES - Mum! (holds her arm to check for pulse) Oh god! no! c-call the ambulance!

[Scene 18]

(At the hospital)

JAMES - Is she going to be okay, doctor?

DOCTOR - (Exits from the room) Sorry, James. W-We couldn't save her.

JAMES - (Crying) W-What?! no! mum!! (runs inside).

(inside the room)

JAMES - No!!

JOHN - (Crying) Don't go!

JEFFERSON - (Tears) W-What happened to her?

DOCTOR - Did she take the medication we gave her two weeks ago?

JEFFERSON - Yes, I-I reminded her every now and then to take it.

DOCTOR - Two tablets a day, right?


DOCTOR - Well, I-I don't know what to say but....the formation of plaque has blocked her arteries, so blood can't circulate around the body.

JEFFERSON - (Tears) M-Mary!!

DOCTOR - S-Sir I-I'll give you a moment.

JOHN - (On the phone) J-Jessie, m-mum died. I-I'll come home late for lunch (drops the call).

[Scene 19]

(At the graveyard, everyone has paid their respects. Jefferson is left)

JEFFERSON - (Hugging Mary's tomb) I-If I ever did anything to cause your death, f-forgive me. I-I don't deserve to live if I caused your death. I-I love you! (tears) (gets up, and walks away slowly)

[Scene 20]

(At home)

JOHN - Dad, I-I'm moving into Jessie's place.

JEFFERSON - Oh okay.

JOHN - W-We got a job in Australia, so I'll be living with her until then.

JEFFERSON - When will you be leaving?

JOHN - In another week or so.

JEFFERSON - O-Okay, goodbye. Give me a call before your flight takes off.

JOHN - Sure.

(John leaves)

[Scene 21]

(At the beach)

TINA - Y-You sure you can recover?

JAMES - I-I don't know (tears) mums. W-When you can't rely on dads, y-you have them, a-and now I lost her.

TINA - Y-You have your dad at least don't you?

JAMES - I-I do.

TINA - Then? it's okay (hugs him) eventually, y-you have to face reality. P-People don't live for all eternity. Y-You'll have to move on.

JAMES - (Silent).

TINA - My parents have decided to have the wedding in two weeks. You okay with it?

JAMES - Y-Yes, h-hopefully I-I can get over this incident. (Crying) Mum!

TINA - (Hugging him) Don't worry, I-I'm here for you. Everything will be alright.

(Sun sets)

[Scene 22]


JAMIE - Tough.

CLARK - Really, tough.

JEFFERSON - Only from that day on, did my life change forever. My son, John, left for Australia with his wife and....t-they started a family there. James on the other hand, h-he got married two weeks after her death and....he too got a job somewhere in Hong Kong, I think. From then on, life for me, same as today. Only one thing has changed. They started giving more importance to their family. T-They've forgotten about me, I think. John? I-I think he only remembers me every time I try to call him. James, h-he calls to say he dropped money into my account. I-I've never met my grandchildren till date. I-I don't even know how they look (tears) j-just their baby photos, and that was it.

(Song Sequence: Kannaadi Mazhayil)

[Scene 23]

JEFFERSON - S-Sometimes, I-I feel suicidal myself.

CLARK - Sir, no!

JEFFERSON - What's the point? I-I'm old. M-My life has past. Y-You want to know the real definition of life? you can only get it out from someone like me.

JAMIE - S-Sure.

JEFFERSON - Day 1: You're celebrated, Day 2: You Achieve, Day 3: You're one with the crowd, Day 4: You are forgotten, and finally Day 5: You rest. It's just like the days of the week, working days more like. Everyone hates Monday's, but they love Friday's. Here it's the other way around: Monday's are special, Fridays are horrible. T-This just goes on like a cycle. For years, decades, centuries.....millenniums. My wife has gone, that's nature. W-We all keep our loved ones (points to his heart) s-she's still alive in here, I-I don't know for how long. Time will decide. My kids, they've left my side. My own friends too, just recently, moved in with their children.

JAMIE - Why?

JEFFERSON - The baby's coming. Apparently they need eight hands to help out, not just four.

JAMIE - I see.

JEFFERSON - At least their kids had the heart to call their parents. My children didn't even do that. Hmm....what does that mean? they're pretty much strong by themselves. So why do they need us? parents help the children grow stronger. When the children are stronger than us, then why? w-why are we tortured alive, w-when we could die peacefully after completing our duties. Any ideas?

CLARK - Reality, I-I guess.

JEFFERSON - True, reality can be cruel at times. D-Do you know how it's like being someone like me? n-not trying to upset you all but- hold on I'll get you both a cup of tea, it's raining outside.

(he leaves)

JAMIE - Poor, sir.

CLARK - I know. Who would do such a thing?

JAMIE - It's exactly like what he said, torturing us alive. If death is worse, than what is this?

JEFFERSON - Tea! (gives them tea) have it, yes, hehehe. M-My wife's special. Chrysanthemum tea.

CLARK/JAMIE - (Drink the tea and smile).

CLARK - It's good.

JEFFERSON - Relaxing right? she makes it whenever it rains. It's very soothing.

JAMIE - I love it.

JEFFERSON - (Hand on his heart) S-She's smiling. L-Like I was saying, do you know how it's like? being someone like me? you're just like the wind. Try talking to someone? and you're avoided. S-Society, d-doesn't like being around us or communicating with us. People these days, t-they're completely selfish. I-I'm not saying you both are selfish because, y-you have the courage to face me, to sit with me almost half a day.

JAMIE - Courage?

JEFFERSON - We're not strong. Hehe, we're strong at heart. That's why people are intimidated by us. If I walk up to a teenager and start a conversation, he's scared to talk to me because his social status might go down, I may do something weird to him. They're just stereotyping us. It's the saying you know? if you're a child you don't like eating your vegetables, if you're a teenager you're a brat, if you're an adult you're "all work and no play" if you're a family man you're all stressed out and responsible, and if you're old.....you're an old piece of cloth. N-No one uses a old piece of cloth to clean tables. That - That's how it's going. You agree?

CLARK - I fully agree with you. This stereotyping nonsense is why people are not able to understand other people.

JAMIE - Beauty is within, not on the outside.

JEFFERSON - You're correct, my dear. Though we look like a deflated piece of balloon skin, but within we are almost the same as god.

CLARK - Sir, i-if you're going through much depression and problems then, why don't you live in an Old age home. You'll get much attention from people around you, you'll be treated equally, you'll have friends, entertainment will be there. I-I don't see what's stopping you.

JEFFERSON - Hehehe. That's a good idea, I-I would've done that years ago. Don't think I'm not aware of it. I know what I'm doing. The answer to that is, I don't want to. Yes, I'll have much attention, much care, much friends, as well as entertainment. Will I have anyone by the same blood as me? anyone who's my son, uncle, father, brother, or sister? i-it'll just be like going to school. Except you're an orphan going to school. Not a pretty sight. You see, the only people who are in old age homes are those who's families have been wiped-out by a terrible disaster, or have lost complete hope of their family. I mean, only these guys have lost touch with me, I-I haven't. I-I still believe in a day where we'll regroup, have a whole family reunion, a-as a big family. I-I'm still waiting for that day. A-At least not forever, at least for some 20 to 30 days. I-I'll be happy.

JAMIE - Y-You still believe in that day?

JEFFERSON - They say old people are wise. That's true, if we can see it happening, then one day it'll definitely happen. If that doesn't happen?

CLARK - If it doesn't happen?

JEFFERSON - I'll wait till I die if I have to. There's no deadline for us. We wait until we die, that's the thumb rule. (Coughs).

JAMIE - A-Are you okay? Clark, get some water.

CLARK - Coming (gives water) here.

JEFFERSON - (Drinks water) T-Thanks.

CLARK - What happened?

JEFFERSON - Just a normal cough, nothing to worry about.

CLARK - I-It was pretty deep though. It didn't seem normal.

JEFFERSON - Oh! then what do you know? death is coming.

JAMIE - (Tear drops).

JEFFERSON - Why? why are you crying? don't, don't cry. Nature, nature just works that way. Unless I'm a superhuman, l-like god. I'm immortal. Not a choice is it?


JEFFERSON - You don't worry about it, and it's not your fault. You've taken the time, to help an old man struggling with life. Y-You've helped me open up my thoughts, a-and my emotions. I-In fact, I-I should be the one breaking into tears. By god's grace, I-I found two human beings with a pure heart. Thank you.

CLARK - It'll be our pleasure. Like I said, neighbours. Call us anytime, I might be at work, but Jamie, Jamie will be home.

JAMIE - Y-Yes, I'll be there.

JEFFERSON - Start a family. People like you deserve a gift, no gift is bigger than family.

(Clark and Jamie look at each other and smile)

JEFFERSON - Ay! nervous? don't worry. It'll be fun. I consider you both as to being my daughter and son. Just don't repeat the same mistake my children did. Have catch-ups with your parents. Your life maybe devoted to work and your own family, but for your parents, you are their whole life. You don't need to chat everyday. I mean, you have a life to take care of. At least Skype chat with them once or twice a week, talking about what happened this week, what will happen next week. That way they'll be on track with what you're doing, and you won't feel alone. Bring them over to your place one day too, spend time with them for a few days.


JEFFERSON - (Smiles)

(Clark and Jamie leave)

JAMIE - Sir? c-could we have John and James' number?

JEFFERSON - Sure! why not? here (gives them their business card) why do you ask?

JAMIE - No reason.

JEFFERSON - I see where this is going.

JAMIE - Y-You do?

JEFFERSON - Well, go ahead if you like. It won't work. People these days....(sighs).

[Scene 24]

CLARK - What are you going to do?

JAMIE - I'm going to call his two sons.

CLARK - For what?

JAMIE - Inform them about this. How long can a man this age, wait?

CLARK - Point. Call them.

JAMIE - (Dials for James).

JAMES - (On the phone) Hello?

JAMIE - (On the phone) Hi, I-I'm Jamie.

JAMES - (On the phone) Hello? who is this?

JAMIE - (On the phone) Listen, wait! I need to tell you something.

JAMES - (On the phone) Is this about selling my property? I'm not interested.

JAMIE - (On the phone) We're neighbours....w-with your father.

JAMES - (On the phone) He gave you my number? oh god. I've told many times, I'm busy.

JAMIE - (On the phone) He had a heat stroke this morning.

JAMES - (On the phone) He what now?

JAMIE - (On the phone) Your father.....heat stroke.....hospital.....back home.

JAMES - (On the phone) Oh god. I-Is he okay?

JAMIE - (On the phone) He will be if you agree.

JAMES - (On the phone) A-Agree with what?

JAMIE - (On the phone) We we're talking with him for a while. Y-You have any idea how he's feeling? w-what he's going through?

JAMES - (On the phone) (Silent).

JAMIE - (On the phone) Poor man. H-He has nobody at home. His friends are gone, you and your brother are gone. He's all alone at home, with his machines.

JAMES - (On the phone) At least.....he's doing what he loves.

JAMIE - (On the phone) With machines? you're such a sadist. D-Don't you feel bad? j-just because you move on to focus on your own family doesn't mean you abandon those you brought you up. The only reason you're successful is because of them. Every drop of blood, and sweat broken for your education and life was all them! a-and you just throw them into the trash like an old medicine bottle?

JAMES - (On the phone) What're you trying to say? i-if he wanted us to stay then why didn't he just tell us?

JAMIE - (On the phone) Did you even let him? every time, you always leave a message at the beep, or tell him you've dropped money in his account. You only give him a minute's time to talk?! w-what's wrong with you? is this how you treat your father?

JAMES - (On the phone) Well if he doesn't ask me within that 1 minute span of time, what am I to do? at least I give him 1 minute.

JAMIE - (On the phone) A minute? t-that's all you give? work isn't everything! it isn't your whole life! y-you know why you work?! one, it's doing what you love, and secondly is helping your family with the money you earn to help them reach greater heights. Y-You have everything, except qualities of a human being.

JAMES - (On the phone) You watch your tone! I'm watching you from the beginning. Always defending that old man, so what I don't have the qualities? c-couldn't he just tell us before we left?

JAMIE - (On the phone) It was for your best. That's why he didn't tell you to stay back. A father's ambition is always seeing his children reach greater heights. They don't have ambition's of their own, unless they are selfish.

JAMES - (On the phone) (Silent).

JAMIE - (On the phone) Y-You know what he said? he feels suicidal!!

JAMES - (On the phone) W-What?!

JAMIE - (On the phone) Suicidal! Suicidal is the word! like a needle in the heart, he said. What more does he have to live for? the tea your mother makes best? the machines that keep him happy? or the company of us? no. There's nothing stronger than love. Not even money.

JAMES - (On the phone) I-I-Is he okay?

JAMIE - (On the phone) You're concerned right? then why can't you pay visits? is it that painful to visit your family? you have a great family, great job. Are you that much ashamed to see your family? I'm not telling you to stay permanently with them, but make the effort to keep in touch: Skype, vacation, you get the idea. The only remedy for keeping him alive this moment, is love and affection from his dear family. You have this one opportunity.

JAMES - (On the phone) (Silent).

JAMIE - (On the phone) Everyday for you, you'll think about earning as much and love doing what you do. Your father? and not just him, every old person. They think about whether or not they'll be alive tomorrow. Your father is already going through depression. I know you don't want him to end up like your dear mother, do you?

JAMES - (On the phone) (tears) n-nope.

JAMIE - (On the phone) Tell John. Plan, and come soon. Don't wait long, don't miss the opportunity......d-don't miss your father (cuts the call).

JAMES - (Drops the call) (tears).

TINA - Y-You okay, dear?

JAMES - (Picks up the phone to call John)

(John hears everything. They immediately plan for a visit)

[Scene 25]

(Jefferson's home)

(Jefferson is sitting on his plastic chair, drinking tea. Watching the rain, and sleeps)

[Scene 26]

(three days later)

(doorbell rings)

JEFFERSON - (Wakes up and opens the door).

(He sees John's and James' family)

JEFFERSON - (Stunned).

JAMES/JOHN - Dad!! (crying and hugging Jefferson) I-I'm sorry, I-I'm really sorry.

JEFFERSON - (Hugging them back, with tears) I-It's okay. D-Don't cry, y-you're father's now (crying).

(they stop)

JEFFERSON - (sees the kids) Kids?

JAMES - Yes.

BILL/JENNY - Grandpa!

JEFFERSON - Come here, my little munchkins (kisses them).


JEFFERSON - Hehehe, you too (kisses them).

JENNY - We missed you.

JEFFERSON - (Tears) I-I missed you too.

DANNY - (Wipes Jefferson's tears) W-We're here, don't worry.

ALL - Hehehe.

JEFFERSON - Indeed, come on in!

(everyone goes inside)

JEFFERSON - (Knocks on Clark's door).

CLARK - Sir, good morning!

JEFFERSON - (Tears).

JAMIE - Sir, don't cry.

JEFFERSON - I-I don't how I'll ever thank you. T-They're here, they're here.

JAMIE - Oh nice (smiles).

CLARK - (Smiles back at her and Jefferson).

JEFFERSON - Y-You must come and spend the day with us, it's Saturday.

CLARK - Sure, why not.

JEFFERSON - (Brings them inside).

(everyone goes inside)

JEFFERSON - (Looks into the distance) God.....God is Great (tears, and walks back inside).

"Never forget those who brought you up. They are your support, they are beyond God."

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