Let the feet walk. Let it have a mind of its own. Let the burden of being lost be hid deep inside our curious selves. How often do we do it? Grabbing our past selves and bringing them to a stranger's alley? Dipping all of our former selves and colouring them new and different. Every one has their own reason to follow the lane afoot. It helps us live every bit of the lane, every humps, every potholes, every curve, and helps us look deep into those tiny miracles that are usually lost far deep into the abundant ignorance. For me its a bit of em all. Fried and exhausted by the complexions and burden of responsibility I bring myself a tune of strangeness from the world around me. Its always different. I get to see something new everyday. Its funny really. How often in our busy lives we forget to look at the simple things and smile. In our fast moving busy cars, bikes, and busses, theses fragile hidden features of the world is lost forever into the past. But these kids know. The kids with no good cloths to wear,  enslaved to hunger, no expensive toys to play, Yet they know. I could see it in their glorious eyes gifted by their simple self portrayed games, and the imaginary border less dreams. I get to see happiness in its purest form in them along my way. Makes me wonder, We had it too you know. All of it. All before my obsession of self perhaps, before the birth of more complicated worries, before the sense of reality hit me with its brick. The music hit its deep notes as my mind started to look for my long lost happiness of simple things, Where had it gone? I dug deeper and deeper as I kept on walking on the foot path, I looked wide across my mind yet found nothing but disappointments. But then it all started to come back. With a kiss of a cold breeze, the mild  mighty night decorated with traffic lights, gave me back my lost smile I was desperately looking for. I couldn't help but stop and just look at the world as it always has been. Waiting for someone to come to it looking for their lost smiles. Just to present them the same and let the moment sink in their heart. Its funny yet, that we look far and wide to search for a miracle, but don't recognise the one we are already living. We only end up seeing the world biased by our emotions, thoughts and negativity. I believe if one spends a little bit of time out and stopped running. He or she can witness the beauty of the world in its most simplest forms, and is possible to accept the life for what it truly is, A beautiful Miracle.

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