Tim covered his face,
As all the bees passed by.
But they gave him funny looks,
He didn't know how or why.

He reached his bitter home,
To find his unloving mother.
She was giving all her love,
To his sweet smelling brother.

Tim sat alone again,
Sniffing his rosy armpits.
He thought of everyone he knew,
The stupid lowly dimwits.

He cried the Nile River,
He begged to be told.
Why did they hate him,
Like they did the winter's cold?

He never took a bath,
Until an old man came.
He poured a bucket on his head,
And Tim cowered away in shame.

He cried out loud,
His cheeks very pink.
"How do I live now?
A bee has got to stink!"

The old man struck
Tim across his wing.
"You stupid dense boy,
A bee has got to sting!"

Tags: Rejection, Dumb

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