Life and Regrets. Dreams and reality. Destiny and decisions. I want to look into myself today.

I always wanted to read. I loved reading but I never 'got' that time. I am a good dancer and wanted to be a super awesome dancer, that I clearly knew I could have become with some hard work. But I didn't. I wanted to be a singer. I can sing and you will love it, but I know I never put any effort in that direction too. Same story goes with cricket, football, running, writing, traveling, photography, body building, fitness and what not. I always wanted to be the best in each of these fields at some point of time in my life.

27 years and few months have already passed. I wanted to be an architect when I was a kid. I am a software engineer now. I will be married soon( a reality check). So I should really stop flowing with the flow and choose my own way on which I want to walk.

So here is what I want in my life.

I wake up at 5am.
by 6am - Running and gym ( alternate days )
by 7am - take bath, daily pooja, and breakfast
by 8am - check emails, plan my day, news and reading books
8 am - 8pm office - sing in car and listen to songs - going and coming ... :P ( including travel time of 2 hours )
8pm - 9pm : dinner and time with family
9pm - 9:30 pm : walk & talk ( because relationships need time and communication)
9:30 pm - 10 pm : reading something inspirational and writing diary
10 pm sleep

Every month -

1st and 3rd weekend:
- meet friends
- meet new people
- visit relatives
- household stuff - bills, shopping etc
- dance and listen to music
- plan for the trip next weekend
- attend a workshop if possible
- write about the trip last weekend on WriterBabu
- make the diary entry for a self assessment of the entire week

2nd and 4th weekend:
- small trip - Friday night till Monday morning and sometimes take one day holiday to extend the trip
- take camera on trip and do photography
- take along few books to finish in the time there is nothing else to do
- read Wikipedia and other stuff about the place am visiting ... history, fun facts, cuisines etc ...

Fitness, photography and travel well covered in this plan. Also time with friends and family every next weekend ensures am socially responsible and active. The only thing is that I have to throw away procrastination and be as active as possible. Laziness can be enjoyed on the laid back trips to lonely beaches. :D

I just loved writing this post. Will keep it updated.

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