(Bars by Riya Bagchi ):-
What was that I could write,
within just sixteen lines?
I thought, looking at the paper white-
no more sadness, nor prattles
about the long lost love
or the death of that beautiful dove;
Or whining about how darkness surrounds,
and how sadness prevails all around…
Shall I write about how I sing?
Just hoping it wouldn’t get so boring,
Or shall I write about “why I write”,
But didn’t I already write it twice?
When nothing came to my mind,
I thought about writing on the angels so kind
But by then, as I looked up,
I had already written 16 lines.

(Bars by Sumeet Gulabani ):-
Everywhere I go, I see people with tears and all alone,
But, I got happiness and sorrows, so I never fall alone.
And if you feel that your all alone,
Then remember, that the lord is checking your all bones.
So what? if you lose in this moment,
The next will be proving the moves you ever meant.
You know?
My friends were dubious for my moves in the last few years,
Now they’re curious for my moves in the next new years.
But, my bucket of happpiness came through tears,
Dear! For that I took risk to blow fears.
Like for speeding up, you gotta increase few gears,
In the same way for smiling you gotta rub your tears.
Now here you’ll be in races where very few cheers.
But you climb on the stairs and success is for you there.

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