Your life”s going perfectly well… You've got no complaints against God… You’re past has somehow stopped haunting you like it used to… All things around you are suddenly turning up to be good… You have fun… You have friends…Your life.

But then-rite then-you go high on stuff like these… Taking in all those memories… Flipping back the tragic pages of your life… Like watching a movie that he had dedicated to you… Reading a letter he once wrote to you… Looking at all those pictures… Turning on all those songs… Those words… The promises unkempt.

Why do I need to look back at that time right when all stuff around me has started to feel good? Why can’t I just cut that crap out of my life and move on like nothing ever happened?

It doesn't amaze me to wake up in a certain hangover like this… High off in love… Cursing the almighty… Ignoring all stuff that needs my attention at the moment just because of some memories that give me a chill…

Life can’t go on like this. I don’t want my life to be a drag… I can’t keep brooding over something like this for all my life.

But, how? Am I capable enough? Would I be able to resist your spell the next time?

But, for life to go on as I want it to, I have to ensure that it is the last hangover like this..

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