Everywhere and nowhere
A woman loved a man
They came from different cultures
And had different colored skin

But like their parents before them
They endured the wrath of man
Pelted by racial hatred
Like endless, wind-whipped sand

And from the core of their perfect love
Was birthed a baby boy

Into a world of fear and flaws
He was thrown to face his fate
In a perfect place, at a perfect time
He might not have known such hate

He learned in school he had no friends
He played without a mate
At lunch time he would sit alone
And stare into his plate

And so he grew into a man
With the needs of a baby boy

He searched for love so badly needed
In the arms of men, and women
His hair was long, but also short
His face both shaved and bearded

His skin was dark, but also light
Therefore he was hated
And it came to pass he was killed one night
For so his life was fated

And so they united in ignorance
To kill the baby boy

Gathered in a local bar
Drunk on wine and beer
Their voices raised in anger and hate
They fed each other's fear

And soon they went to find him
To kill the little queer
And from his home a block away
He heard the mob draw near

And so he hid inside a closet
Just like a baby boy

The man who struck the first blow
He used a baseball bat
Is it anger, or is it fear
That can make a man do that

Another struck in naive cruelty
Like a child kicks a cat
It is lack of understanding
That can make a child do that

And then they struck the final blow
That killed the baby boy

The following night
They did it again
And in days that followed
Again, and again

For men of all creeds
Committed this sin

And each time they saw him
They saw what was within
They saw their own weakness
And killed it again

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