Have you ever felt the urge to do something that totally defies common sense. Just for the heck of it. Well I have. May be I am a little weird in that way. It was midnight and I was still awake. It’s not that I didn’t try to sleep. But I was just being unable to. It was one of those days and I stopped trying in the end. I got up and started my espresso machine for a cup of warm aromatic coffee. Well this beautiful little thing cost me a fortune. In fact, that machine was the most prized possession in my small flat. Told you! I am a little weird.
        The yellow street lights painted the road mysteriously. In the game of lights and shadows, speeding cars whooshed by. The city never sleeps. I looked through the window and saw giant billboards on the opposite of the road. I wondered that behind all the smiling and dazzling faces on the billboards what stories could be hidden. Could those faces been living a perfect life as portrayed or they have secrets like every one of us?
       The timer on the machine beeped. I kept my cup beneath the outlet of the machine and the dark brown liquid with its unique aroma started to pour. “This takes me back”, I sighed. I visited lots of café with her. Unlike me, she dint like coffee much. She used to order tea with cookies. With every sip, our story used to unfold, eyes met and hands held each other. Mine with her. Two cups, two people and lots of stories . And like every other stories ours also ended.
                My cup was filled. I lifted it up and took the first sip. Warm and bitter, yet kind of fulfilling . I like my coffee “black” now. I hope another story has started for someone in some other end of the world now . Every great story starts with a cup of coffee, you know. I hope some of them are yet to unfold. 

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